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FX Airguns - DRS .22 EXP Classic Walnut - 500 (FXDRS55032220)

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  • FX Airguns - DRS .22 EXP Classic Walnut - 500 (FXDRS55032220)
  • FX Airguns - DRS .22 EXP Classic Walnut - 500 (FXDRS55032220)

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FX Airguns - DRS .22 EXP Classic Walnut - 500: Precision Crafted for Excellence

Introduction: Blending Tradition with Modern Shooting Needs

The FX DRS Classic Walnut Airgun in the .22 EXP configuration with a 500mm barrel elegantly combines classic style with modern functionality. Designed for those who appreciate the allure of a traditional look without sacrificing performance, this airgun offers a superb balance of aesthetics and precision for both hunting and competitive shooting.

Premium Craftsmanship: The Beauty of Minelli Walnut

Timeless Walnut Elegance

Central to the FX DRS Classic Walnut's design is its exquisite Italian walnut stock from Minelli, a hallmark of quality and beauty. This premium wood not only enhances the visual appeal of the airgun but also offers a rich, tactile experience that elevates the overall handling and shooting experience.

Over-the-Barrel Air Tank for Stability

Unique to this model is the over-the-barrel air tank design, which promotes a more traditional rifle appearance while significantly enhancing barrel stability. By eliminating the need for a conventional carbon fiber air bottle, this design ensures a sleeker profile and integrates perfectly with the walnut stock, optimizing both form and function.

Optimized for Performance: Ergonomic and Technological Integration

  • Modular Plenum Design: Seamlessly disguised as a traditional magazine, the modular plenum is a key component that enhances the rifle's performance without disrupting its classic aesthetic.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Detailed design adjustments provide a balanced and comfortable shooting experience, redefining air rifle ergonomics and usability.

Fully Equipped for Field and Range

The FX DRS Classic is not just about aesthetics; it is a fully functional, feature-rich rifle designed for the diverse needs of hunters and competitive shooters:

  • Smooth Side Lever Action: Delivers quick and reliable operation, enhancing the shooter's experience.
  • High-Capacity Magazine: Suitable for larger projectiles, making it versatile across different shooting disciplines.
  • Adjustable Trigger System: Allows shooters to tailor the trigger settings to their precise preferences, enhancing both comfort and accuracy.

Specifications Overview

  • Caliber Options: .177, .22, .25
  • Weight: 4.9lbs for the 500mm barrel
  • Overall Length: 927mm
  • Barrel Length: 500mm for .177 and .22 calibers
  • Magazine Capacity: 14 rounds for .22 caliber
  • Air Capacity: 208 CC for the 500mm barrel
  • Cocking System: Smooth side lever
  • Fill Pressure: 230 BAR (3335 PSI)

Conclusion: A Model of Swedish Minimalism

Described by Matt Dubber as a quintessential example of 'Swedish Minimalism,' the FX DRS Classic Walnut - 500 in .22 caliber offers everything a precision shooter needs without any unnecessary extras. This air rifle combines the elegance of traditional craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology, providing a powerful and precise tool for enhancing shooting capabilities. Whether for competition or leisure, this air rifle stands out as a piece of art equipped to perform at the highest levels.

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.22 Cal
500mm Barrel
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