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FX Airguns - Superior STX Heavy Liner, .22 Cal, 700mm (FX20206S)

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FX Superior STX Heavy Liner .22 Cal, 700mm - Upgrade Your Airgun

FX Superior STX Heavy Liner: Precision .22 Cal, 700mm Barrel Liner

Discover Unmatched Performance

Introducing the FX Superior STX Heavy Liner, a game-changer for the FX airgun enthusiast. Designed for .22 caliber, this 700mm barrel liner is the perfect upgrade for shooters seeking improved performance with heavier pellets and slugs.

Enhanced Precision and Range

  • Customized twist rate for optimal performance with heavy ammunition.
  • Exterior-pressed rifling with tighter tolerances and upgraded techniques.
  • Provides increased speed and accuracy for long-range shooting.


Perfectly compatible with the FX Crown Continuum, Impact, and Wildcat models equipped with 700mm STX barrels, making it a versatile choice for various shooting disciplines.

Easy Installation

Upgrade your air rifle effortlessly with the Superior STX barrel liner. Simply drop it in and experience the difference in your shooting performance immediately.

Maximize your FX airgun's potential with the FX Superior STX Heavy Liner. Whether for competitive shooting or recreational use, this barrel liner is your key to superior accuracy and range. Get yours today and transform your long-range shooting experience.

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Additional Information

.22 Cal
700mm Barrel
Model / Type:
STX Heavy
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