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FX Airguns

FX Airguns - Superior STX Heavy Liner, .30 Cal, 700mm (FX19978S)

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FX Airguns Superior STX Heavy Liner, .30 Cal, 700mm - FX19978S

FX Superior STX Heavy Liner, .30 Cal, 700mm

Product Overview

FX Airguns elevates precision with the Superior STX Heavy Liner, .30 Cal, 700mm (FX19978S). Tailored for shooters seeking to maximize performance with heavier grain slugs, this liner offers unparalleled stability and accuracy.

Enhanced Precision and Performance

The FX Superior STX Barrel Liner undergoes a patented process, ensuring rifling is pressed with high precision from the outside. This method achieves tighter tolerances and modifications for enhanced shooting accuracy.


  • Caliber: .30
  • Length: 700mm
  • Twist Rate: 1:16, optimized for heavy slugs
  • Compatibility: Best suited for .30 cal FX Airguns models
  • NOTE: Results vary based on ammunition and conditions; these liners are non-returnable.

Updated Design for Superior Results

The Superior STX Heavy Liner reflects FX Airguns' commitment to innovation, providing a significant upgrade over standard liners for slug shooters.

For those dedicated to pushing the limits of airgun shooting, the FX Superior STX Heavy Liner represents the pinnacle of barrel technology. Enhance your precision and performance today.

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Additional Information

.30 Cal
700mm Barrel
Model / Type:
STX Heavy
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