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FX Airguns - Wildcat MKIII, Synthetic, .22 Cal (FXW333108)

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FX Airguns Wildcat MKIII Synthetic .22 Cal (FXW333108): A New Era in Airgun Performance

FX Airguns Wildcat MKIII Synthetic .22 Cal (FXW333108): Revolutionizing Airgun Shooting

Introducing the FX Wildcat MKIII Synthetic .22 Cal (FXW333108), a groundbreaking addition to the renowned Wildcat family. This bullpup airgun, infused with power and expanded air capacity, is designed to handle slugs and heavier pellets, making it a game-changer in precision airgun shooting.

Massive Power with 89cc Power Plenum

The new FX Wildcat MKIII boasts an impressive 89cc Power Plenum, significantly enhancing its muzzle energy and range. This feature is specially tailored for slug and heavy pellet users, offering extended range and power for various shooting scenarios.

Dual FX AMP Regulators for Refined Accuracy

Accuracy is key in airgun performance. The FX Wildcat MKIII achieves this with dual FX AMP Regulators. The first regulator, located after the carbon fiber bottle, prepares the air pressure, while the second regulator fine-tunes the air for each shot, ensuring consistent and precise performance.

Unmatched Precision with FX Smooth Twist X Barrel System

The Wildcat MKIII features the world-renowned FX Smooth Twist X Barrel System, guaranteeing that this airgun is one of the most accurate on the market. This system is a significant factor in the Wildcat's success in competitions and hunting scenarios alike.

Complete Adjustability for Versatile Shooting

Flexibility is at your fingertips with the Wildcat MKIII. Both regulators are externally adjustable, and the rear power adjuster allows for easy shifts between high-speed outdoor shots and lower power settings for close-range targets. This versatility makes the Wildcat MKIII ideal for various shooting environments.

Optional FX Wildcat Slug Power Kit

For shooters seeking even more power, the optional FX Wildcat Slug Power Kit (sold separately) offers enhanced capabilities for heavier projectiles, further expanding the Wildcat's versatility and appeal to precision shooters.

The FX Wildcat MKIII: A New Generation in Airgun Excellence

The FX Wildcat MKIII Synthetic .22 Cal (FXW333108) is not just an airgun; it's a symbol of innovation and advancement in the airgun industry. Embrace the new generation of airgun performance with the FX Wildcat MKIII, where power meets precision.

For more information and to experience the pinnacle of airgun technology, visit the FX Airguns website and explore the Wildcat MKIII Synthetic .22 Cal (FXW333108) and other high-performance airguns.

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.22 Cal
600mm Barrel
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