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FX Airguns - Wildcat MkIII, Synthetic Sniper, .30 Cal

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FX Airguns Wildcat MkIII Synthetic Sniper .30 Cal: A New Era in Airgun Performance

FX Airguns Wildcat MkIII Synthetic Sniper .30 Cal: Revolutionizing Precision Airgun Shooting

Introducing the FX Airguns Wildcat MkIII Synthetic Sniper .30 Cal, a groundbreaking addition to the iconic FX Wildcat family. This airgun bullpup is engineered with enhanced power and air capacity, perfect for handling slugs and heavier pellets in various shapes and sizes.

Massive Power with the 89cc Power Plenum

The Wildcat MkIII's power is significantly boosted by the 89cc Power Plenum, integrated into the stock. This large plenum is tailored for slug and heavy pellet use, extending muzzle energy and shooting range for versatile and powerful performance.

Dual FX AMP Regulators for Refined Accuracy

Accuracy is refined using dual FX AMP Regulators. The first regulator reduces initial pressure, and the second ensures consistent air flow for each shot. This system, combined with the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel System, provides the most accurate rifle in its class.

Unparalleled Adjustability for Various Shooting Situations

The Wildcat MkIII offers complete adjustability. Externally adjustable regulators and a rear power adjuster enable quick adaptation to different shooting environments, from high-speed long-range shots to low-power close-range scenarios.

FX Wildcat Slug Power Kit for Enhanced Performance

For even more power and tailored velocities, FX Wildcat owners can use the optional FX Wildcat Slug Power Kit. This addition allows for customization to suit heavier projectiles, enhancing the airgun's versatility and performance.

The Evolution of the FX Wildcat Series

The Wildcat MkIII Synthetic Sniper .30 Cal represents a new generation in the FX Wildcat series, building on the legacy of the original iconic model. It's a perfect match for modern shooting demands, offering the ideal offhand shooting air rifle experience.

Choose FX Wildcat MkIII Synthetic Sniper .30 Cal for Cutting-Edge Airgun Technology

With the FX Wildcat MkIII Synthetic Sniper .30 Cal, step into a new era of airgun performance. This model is designed for shooters who demand precision, power, and adaptability in their airgun experience.

For more information on the FX Airguns Wildcat MkIII Synthetic Sniper .30 Cal and other airgun solutions, visit our website. Experience the next level of airgun performance with FX Airguns.

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Additional Information

.30 Cal
700mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Wildcat Sniper
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