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FX Airguns - Wildcat MKIII VP Bottle, Synthetic, .30 Cal (FXW353111)

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Discover the Enhanced FX Wildcat MkIII BT: A Revolution in Airgun Performance

Introducing the FX Wildcat MkIII BT: A New Era of Airgun Excellence

Welcome to the unveiling of the new and vastly improved FX Wildcat MkIII BT, a revolutionary step forward in the world of airguns. The legendary bullpup design of the FX Wildcat has been a beacon of performance and reliability, making it the go-to choice for off-hand hunting with pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) over the last seven years. Today, we're excited to introduce an iteration that not only honors its legacy but propels it into a new realm of power and versatility, making it the perfect companion for handling slugs and heavier pellets.

Unmatched Power and Performance

At the heart of the Wildcat's remarkable evolution is the 89cc Power Plenum. This significant upgrade is seamlessly integrated into the Wildcat's stock, providing an unprecedented boost in power specifically designed to enhance the shooting experience with slugs and heavy pellets. This increase in muzzle energy extends the range, offering greater versatility and effectiveness in the field. For enthusiasts who prefer traditional pellets, the standard Wildcat MkIII remains an excellent choice.

Precision Engineering for Supreme Accuracy

The Wildcat MkIII BT's power is matched by its precision, thanks to the integration of dual FX AMP Regulators. The initial AMP regulator, positioned right after the carbon fiber bottle (or aluminum in the VP version), moderates the pressure from the source, setting the stage for optimal performance by the second regulator. This dual-regulation system not only reduces stress on the components but also enables the use of high-capacity 300 BAR bottles, ensuring consistent shot-to-shot performance. When combined with the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel System, renowned for its success in competitions worldwide, the Wildcat MkIII BT stands as the pinnacle of airgun accuracy.

Complete Control and Customizability

With the Wildcat MkIII BT, personalization is at your fingertips. The airgun's external adjustability features, including the two regulators and the rear power adjuster, provide shooters with the ability to finely tune their rifle's performance to suit various shooting conditions. Whether you're adjusting for long-distance outdoor shots or dialing down the power for indoor practice, the Wildcat MkIII BT adapts to your needs with ease. The model is available in three configurations to cater to different preferences: the Compact, the Sniper, and the value-priced VP, each offering distinct advantages in terms of bottle size and barrel length.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience

For those looking to push the boundaries even further, the FX Wildcat Slug Power Kit (available separately) allows for increased power and velocity adjustments, perfect for those utilizing heavier projectiles. This flexibility ensures that the Wildcat MkIII BT is not just an airgun but a comprehensive shooting system that evolves with the shooter's needs.

A Legacy Redefined

The FX Wildcat MkIII BT is more than an airgun; it's a testament to the continuous innovation and commitment to excellence that FX Airguns is known for. By embracing the advancements in slug and pellet technology, the Wildcat MkIII BT sets a new standard for performance, versatility, and precision, making it the ideal choice for modern shooters looking to explore the limits of what an airgun can achieve. Embrace the future of airgunning with the FX Wildcat MkIII BT and experience a new level of shooting prowess.

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Additional Information

.30 Cal
600mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Wildcat VP Edition
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