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Geissele Automatics

Geissele Automatics - 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK, Black

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  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 with M-LOK compatibility, in black. This type of rail system is designed to attach to a rifle's receiver and provides a stable mounting platform for various accessories such as sights, grips, lights, and other tactical attachments. The M-LOK system is a modern and versatile standard for accessory attachment, which allows for direct attachment and a more streamlined profile compared to older systems like Picatinny rails.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 with M-LOK compatibility, finished in black. This rail is designed to be lightweight and strong, with the M-LOK system allowing for easy attachment of compatible accessories. It typically features a free-floating design to ensure that it doesn't affect the accuracy of the barrel it's mounted on.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 with M-LOK system in black, offering a detailed view of the rail's end, which is often characterized by its distinct geometry. This part is designed to provide a versatile mounting platform for various firearm accessories and is made to be lightweight yet durable. The M-LOK slots are visible, showing the modular capability that allows for attachments without additional weight or bulk.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 with M-LOK in black. The rail features a full-length Picatinny top rail, multiple M-LOK slots on the sides and bottom for accessory attachment, and an integrated QD sling mount. Its structure combines high-strength material with a design that ensures rigidity while minimizing weight. This rail is commonly used for precision shooting and tactical applications, offering a balance of form and function.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5-inch Super Modular Rail MK16 in black, designed for M-LOK accessories. It features a sleek, lightweight profile with multiple M-LOK slots on its sides for versatile attachment options. The continuous top rail offers ample space for optics and sights. The monolithic design maintains alignment with the rifle's receiver for improved accuracy. This rail is engineered for durability and is a popular choice for building a high-performance, tactical rifle.
  • gas block for a firearm, accompanied by an Allen wrench and a gas tube roll pin. The gas block is a critical component in gas-operated rifles, like the AR-15, as it controls the flow of gas used to cycle the firearm’s action. This specific gas block is designed to fit under a free-floating handguard, and its compact size suggests it's intended for a low-profile setup. The materials and finish indicate durability and resistance to high temperatures, which are essential characteristics for a part that channels hot gases directly from the barrel.


Geissele 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK - Black

Geissele 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK¨ - Black: Precision Engineering for Elite Performance

The Geissele Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK¨ in Black is the epitome of engineering excellence for shooters demanding superior performance and reliability. This rail system, designed for AR-15 uppers, incorporates the latest Geissele Barrel Nut design, simplifying installation while enhancing rigidity and durability. Its anti-rotation tabs and set-screws ensure steadfast positioning in even the most severe conditions, offering you peace of mind that your setup is secure.

Advanced Customization and Compatibility

Featuring a M1913 picatinny rail atop and M-LOKª slots on each quadrant, the MK16 allows for unparalleled customization. Attach lights, lasers, grips, and more to tailor your rifle to your exact operational needs. Manufactured from 7000 Series Aluminum, known for its robust, yet lightweight characteristics, the MK16 rail is the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Durable Construction and Specifications

With a finish of Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize, the MK16 rail is built to last under the toughest conditions. It's available in various lengths to suit any requirement: 9.3", 10.5", 13.5", and 15". The rail's specifications include a height of 2.39", inner diameter of 1.26", and outer diameter of 1.59". Weights vary by length, ensuring a balanced addition to your AR-15.

Trusted by the Elite

The 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK¨ is not only a favorite among civilian shooters but has also been adopted by the USASOC for the prestigious URG-I program, underscoring its reliability and performance in the most demanding military applications.

Technical Details

  • Color: Black (also available in DDC, Gray, ODG)
  • Material: 7000 Series Aluminum
  • Finish: Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize
  • Available Lengths: 9.3", 10.5", 13.5", 15"
  • Compatibility: Mil-Spec M4 upper receivers


Whether for competitive shooting, tactical operations, or personal defense, the Geissele 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK¨ in Black delivers unmatched performance and adaptability. Its military adoption and rigorous design standards make it a superior choice for any shooter looking to enhance their AR-15 platform.

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Additional Information

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Super Modular Rail MK16
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