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Geissele Automatics

Geissele Automatics - 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK, DDC

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  • 13.5-inch Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK in Desert Dirt Color (DDC) by Geissele Automatics. It’s designed for precision shooting with modular attachment points for M-LOK accessories. The rail system allows for a customized setup with various tactical and utility add-ons. The color scheme suggests it’s suitable for desert or similar environments, offering camouflage benefits. The product is marketed towards enthusiasts looking for high-quality, versatile firearm customization options.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK in Desert Dirt Color (DDC). This rail system is designed to be lightweight yet robust, with M-LOK slots for attaching various accessories. Its color suggests that it's optimized for operations in desert environments, blending in with arid landscapes. Geissele is known for high-quality firearm components, and this rail is likely to appeal to both professional operators and shooting enthusiasts who value modularity, durability, and precision.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK in Desert Dirt Color (DDC). The Super Modular Rail (SMR) MK16 M-LOK is known for its lightweight, rugged construction, and it is commonly used as a handguard for AR-15 rifles. It's designed for modularity and is equipped with the M-LOK system which allows for easy attachment of accessories. Geissele is a well-known manufacturer in the firearms community, especially for producing high-quality firearm components.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK in Desert Dirt Color (DDC). This perspective provides a clearer view of the full length of the rail, highlighting the M-LOK slots along the sides and the full top rail for mounting optics and other accessories. Geissele's design is known for its precise manufacturing and the ability to provide a stable platform for attachments while maintaining a lightweight profile.
  • Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK in Desert Dirt Color (DDC). Each image showcases the product from different angles, which is helpful for understanding the design and functionality of the rail system. Geissele's Super Modular Rails are highly regarded in the firearms industry for their innovation and quality. The MK16 model is particularly popular among shooters looking to upgrade their AR-15 platform with a versatile and reliable handguard system.
  • barrel nut with a gas tube alignment tool and an Allen wrench, which are typically used for the installation of an AR-15 rifle handguard, such as the Geissele Super Modular Rail. The barrel nut is a crucial component that secures the barrel to the receiver, and the gas tube alignment tool helps ensure that the gas tube is properly aligned during installation. These tools are integral for securely attaching the handguard while maintaining the correct alignment of the gas system, which is essential for the rifle's operation.

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Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK, DDC Review

Geissele Automatics 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK, DDC: A Comprehensive Review

The Geissele Super Modular Rail MK16 stands out in the firearms accessory market as a pinnacle of performance and customization. Designed specifically for demanding shooters, the MK16 rail system offers an unparalleled level of rigidity and stability for your AR-15. Thanks to the innovative Geissele Barrel Nut design, installation is straightforward, ensuring a secure fit without compromising ease of maintenance.

Unmatched Stability and Customization

One of the MK16's key features is its anti-rotation tabs and set-screws, guaranteeing the rail remains immovable, even in the most challenging conditions. The rail's top is equipped with a M1913 picatinny rail, while the sides feature M-LOKª slots in every quadrant, offering ample space for all your accessories. This level of customization ensures that every shooter can tailor their setup to their specific needs and preferences.

Exceptional Build Quality

Constructed from 7000 Series Aluminum, known for its strength and lightweight properties, the MK16 rail is precision machined to meet the highest standards of quality. The durable Type-3 Hardcoat anodized finish not only enhances the rail's appearance but also ensures it can withstand the rigors of extensive use. Available in multiple lengths including 9.3", 10.5", 13.5", and 15", the MK16 provides options for various operational requirements and personal preferences.

Technical Specifications

The 13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK, with NSN#1005-01-672-4797, is a key component of the USASOC's URG-I program, highlighting its reliability and performance in military applications. The rail's specifications include a height of 2.39 inches, available in colors such as Black, DDC, Gray, and ODG. Its inner diameter measures 1.26 inches, with an outer diameter (DAQ*) of 1.59 inches. Weights vary by length, with the 13.5" model weighing 13.4oz (14.9oz with barrel nut).


In conclusion, the Geissele Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK, DDC, is an exceptional choice for shooters looking for a high-performance, customizable rail system. Its superior build quality, ease of installation, and extensive customization options make it a standout product in its category. Whether for competitive shooting, tactical applications, or personal defense, the MK16 rail system is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the most discerning users.

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