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Gray Ops CNC

Gray Ops CNC - Garmin Kit + Arca (Mount + Arm + QD Arca Clamp)

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Gray Ops CNC Garmin Kit + Arca: Comprehensive Mounting Solution

Gray Ops CNC Garmin Kit + Arca: Ultimate Mounting for Garmin XERO C1 Pro Chronograph

Introducing the Gray Ops CNC Garmin Kit + Arca, the pinnacle of mounting solutions for the Garmin XERO C1 Pro Chronograph. Designed for versatility and user-configurability, this kit sets a new benchmark in the market for high-quality, adaptable mounts.

Purpose of the Garmin Kit + Arca

  • Engineered to be the most adaptable and user-configurable mount available for the Garmin XERO C1 Pro Chronograph.
  • Features a patent-pending Quick Detach (QD) system for rapid and secure attachment to any Picatinny Rail system or Arca clamp.
  • Multiple mounting options enable customization of the Garmin setup according to specific shooting needs, enhancing functionality and precision.

Key Features of the Garmin Kit + Arca

  • Effortless Attachment/Detachment: Push-button quick attach/detach mechanism from Picatinny rails, allowing versatile mounting across different platforms and positions.
  • Side Mounting Flexibility: Includes an optional arm for side mounting to Arca Rails using any ARMS17 compatible clamp, including the Gray Ops QD Throw Lever.
  • Space-Efficient Design: The quick-detach feature from the arm ensures it occupies minimal space, perfect for streamlined storage and travel.
  • Durable Anodized Finish: The black anodized hard coat finish offers enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Configurations of the Garmin Kit + Arca

The Gray Ops Garmin Kit + Arca is available in three configurations to cater to different user requirements:

  1. Garmin QD Mount (Mount Only): Basic mount setup, ideal for those who have compatible accessories.
  2. Garmin QD Mount w/ Arm: Comprises the Mount and Extension Arm. Buyers are required to provide their own ARMS 17 compatible Arca clamp.
  3. Garmin Mount Kit: A comprehensive package that includes the Mount, Extension Arm, and the Gray Ops QD Throw Lever Arca Clamp.

Transform Your Shooting Experience

With the Gray Ops CNC Garmin Kit + Arca, elevate your shooting accuracy and versatility. Designed for competitive shooters and firearm enthusiasts, this kit offers the ultimate in precision, flexibility, and ease of use. Order now and experience a new level of shooting performance.

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