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Gray Ops CNC

Gray Ops CNC - Mini Plate PRO (Arca Plate)

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Gray Ops CNC Mini Plate PRO: Ultimate Precision and Stability for Shooters

Enhance Your Shooting with Gray Ops CNC Mini Plate PRO

Introducing the Gray Ops CNC Mini Plate PRO, the epitome of stability and user-friendliness in shooting accessories. Designed for top-level shooters, this plate ensures maximum impact with minimal wobble, setting a new standard in shooting equipment.

Practical Uses of the Mini Plate PRO

  • Attaches forward of the mag well for a wider surface area, greatly enhancing the stability of your shooting position.
  • Perfect for tripod rear support shooting Ð attach the plate and a bag up front for robust front support.
  • Facilitates positional shooting by allowing a bag to be attached to the plate, ensuring the bag moves with you as you change positions.

Distinguished Features of the Mini Plate PRO

  • Premium Material: Machined from 6061 Aluminum and coated with Type II Black Anodized for durability and a sleek appearance.
  • Integrated QD Throw Lever Arca Clamp: In-house designed for smooth and easy attachment and detachment.
  • Adjustable Tension Settings: Throw lever design with 11 lockable positions per full ÒNutÓ rotation, adjusting tension by .002 per position.
  • Durable Internal Components: QD Throw lever and stress parts are machined from Steel and Black Nitrided for extra strength.
  • Ergonomic Design: Maintains the same dimensions as the regular Mini Plate but with more ergonomic contours (4.5Ó width x 6.75Ó length).
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Features weight-saving cuts for an extremely light design (10 oz).
  • Enhanced Recoil Reduction: Curved bridge-like shape provides additional grip over the bag for increased recoil control.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Two _-20 threaded holes on the bottom for added accessories or future adaptability.
  • Additional Brass Weights: Option to add machined brass weights for further stability.
  • Textured Surface: Rough diamond pattern machined as a textured contact surface for efficient bag grip.
  • Total Weight with Add-ons: When combined with additional weights, the total plate weight reaches 24 oz.

Take Your Shooting to the Next Level

With the Gray Ops CNC Mini Plate PRO, experience a leap in precision and stability. Ideal for competitive shooters and firearm enthusiasts who demand the best from their equipment. Order now to enhance your shooting accuracy and stability.

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