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Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision - 30mm Hybrid Scope Ring, Tikka .6" High (910-30-H-Tikka-4-2)

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Hawkins Precision 30mm Hybrid Scope Ring, Tikka .6" High - Unmatched Quality and Precision

The Hawkins Precision Long-Range Hybrid Rings set the standard in the scope mounting industry. Unparalleled in design, these lightweight, direct-mount rings are the ultimate solution for long-range hunting rifles, combining robust construction with exceptional precision.

Innovative and Lightweight Design

Crafted in the USA from a single billet of 6061 aluminum, these rings redefine durability and lightweight design. Weighing between three and four ounces per pair, the Long-Range Hybrid Rings are not only light but also feature an integrated anti-cant level cap, ensuring perfect alignment for long-range accuracy.

Compatibility and Built-In MOA

Designed to fit a variety of actions including Remington 700, Stiller, Lone Peak, Pierce, and Defiance, these rings cater to a wide range of rifles. Each ring comes with a built-in 25 MOA elevation, enhancing long-range shooting capabilities without additional adjustments.

Mounting Instructions - Precision Made Easy

Installation is streamlined with engraved arrows on the bottom of the rings, indicating the direction towards the barrel end. The rings are also marked with 'F' for the front and 'R' for the rear, ensuring a hassle-free setup. The front ring utilizes 1/4Ó screws, while the rear ring is mounted with longer 3/8Ó screws for secure attachment.

Torque Specifications for Optimal Performance

To achieve the best performance, it's essential to follow the torque specifications tailored for your rifle scope. The ring top screws should be tightened to 25 in-lb. For base screws, use 22 in-lb for 8-40 screws and 15 in-lb for 6-48 screws. Always check your scope's manual for specific recommendations.


Hawkins Precision's 30mm Hybrid Scope Ring, Tikka .6" High, stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship and innovative design. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, these rings offer reliability, precision, and versatility, making them an essential component for any long-range setup.

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