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Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision - Bottom Metal, Remington LA, DBM, Hunter (311-0001)

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Hawkins Precision Hunter Detachable Box Magazine Bottom Metal for Remington LA

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Detachable Box Magazine (DBM) Bottom Metal offers a solution for shooters seeking a flush-mounted bottom metal designed to accept flush magazines. Crafted from a single piece of billet 6061, this bottom metal is engineered for durability and performance under the demanding conditions of precision shooting.

Advanced Design and Functionality

Featuring a patented cantilever spring magazine release system, the Hunter DBM Bottom Metal ensures that the magazine will not open under heavy recoil, providing shooters with reliability and peace of mind. The magazine release is not only sleek and adjustable but also designed to prevent accidental actuation, making it a highly secure choice for serious shooters.

Compatibility and Installation

Designed to seamlessly fit into an M5 inlet, the Hunter DBM Bottom Metal is compatible with Remington 700 actions and all Remington 700 clones. It is available for both short and long actions, ensuring a broad range of application. Each unit comes equipped with pillars and action screws, facilitating easy installation.

Weight Specifications

  • Short Action Weight: 2.8 Ounces
  • Long Action Weight: 3.4 Ounces

Magazine Compatibility

For short actions, the Hawkins Hunter Magazines along with AICS 5 and 10 round 308 magazines are compatible, ensuring a versatile magazine choice for different shooting needs. Long Actions are specifically designed to use Hawkins Flush Hunter Magazines, optimizing the performance for long-range precision shooting.

Important Note

Installation of Long Action Hunter DBMs on factory length Remington 700 actions and Zermatt Origins may require gunsmithing to accommodate the magazine COAL, ensuring a perfect fit and function.

In conclusion, the Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM Bottom Metal represents the pinnacle of innovation in rifle accessories, offering unmatched reliability, security, and performance for precision shooters. Whether you're upgrading your Remington 700 or a compatible clone, the Hunter DBM Bottom Metal is engineered to elevate your shooting experience.

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Additional Information

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LA Hunter DBM
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