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Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision - Bottom Metal, Remington LA, Oberndorf, Anodized Black, M5 (301-0001)

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Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal for Remington LA

Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal for Remington Long Actions

Introducing the Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal, a superior upgrade for your Remington 700 pattern long action rifles. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bottom metal is designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of your firearm.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Made from 6061 Billet Aluminum, each piece is CNC machined to ensure precision fit and finish. The M5 Oberndorf bottom metal is engineered for compatibility with WyattÕs extended length box magazines, offering increased capacity and smoother feeding for serious shooters.

Innovative Features

  • Reversible Floorplate Catch: Allows for ambidextrous use, catering to both left and right-handed shooters.
  • Adjustable Floorplate Latch: Customizable tension for secure magazine closure and easy release.
  • Deeper Floorplate: Reduces spring pressure on the ammunition stack, ensuring more reliable feeding and performance.

Compatibility and Installation

Our M5 Oberndorf bottom metal is available for short, medium, and long Remington 700 pattern actions, providing a seamless upgrade for a wide range of shooters. OEM Remington action owners are advised to ensure their actions are modified to accommodate WyattÕs extended magazine box for optimal compatibility.

Each package includes action screws and appropriately sized pillars for a straightforward installation process. Please note, the bottom metal does not include a spring, magazine box, or follower.

Why Choose Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal?

Choosing Hawkins Precision means investing in quality and performance. Our M5 Oberndorf bottom metal sets the standard for reliability and durability, ensuring that your rifle is equipped to perform at its best, whether in competitive environments or in the field.

Upgrade your Remington long action rifle with Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal today and experience the difference in quality and performance.

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LA Oberndorf
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