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Hornady Bullets - 22 CAL .224 88 GR ELD MATCH (22834) (Qty 100)

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Hornady Bullets: 22 CAL .224 88 GR ELD Match (22834) - Precision Engineered for Excellence

Introduction to Hornady's 22 Cal .224 ELD Match Bullets

Hornady’s 22 Cal .224 88 Gr ELD Match bullets (Item #22834) are at the pinnacle of shooting precision, designed for shooters who demand extreme accuracy and consistency. These bullets feature advanced technological enhancements, including the innovative Heat Shield® tip, which collectively ensure superior performance in target shooting and competitive environments.

Advanced Features of the 22 Cal .224 88 Gr ELD Match Bullets

1. Heat Shield® Tip Technology: The Heat Shield® tip of the ELD Match bullets is engineered to withstand aerodynamic heating, maintaining its shape under various shooting conditions. This critical feature ensures a consistent and perfect meplat (tip point), which significantly enhances the bullet's ballistic efficiency and stability throughout its flight.

2. Optimized Design for Superior Accuracy: Featuring a streamlined secant ogive and an optimized boattail design complemented by highly concentric AMP® bullet jackets, these bullets are crafted to deliver not only the highest possible ballistic coefficient in their class but also unmatched accuracy. This design is pivotal for shooters aiming to achieve tight groupings and precise shot placements.

3. Verified High Ballistic Coefficients: The ballistic coefficients of the ELD® Match bullets are rigorously measured using Doppler radar and are corrected to standard atmospheric conditions. This precision allows shooters to rely on consistent and dependable performance data, aiding in the fine-tuning of their shooting strategies.

4. The Perfect Meplat for Enhanced Performance: Thanks to the advanced design of the Heat Shield® tip, these bullets maintain a perfect meplat, outperforming traditional BTHP (Boat Tail Hollow Point) bullets. This feature is crucial for achieving improved accuracy and ensuring more predictable trajectories, particularly in competitive settings.

Technical Specifications:

  • Caliber: 22 Cal. .224
  • Product Line: ELD® Match
  • Sectional Density: .251
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .545 (G1), .274 (G7)
  • Twist Rate: 1-7" (Minimum Recommended)
  • Weight: 88 GR
  • Application: Target/Match
  • Box Count: 100
  • Item Number: 22834

Conclusion: Why Choose Hornady's 22 Cal .224 88 Gr ELD Match Bullets?

For those engaged in competitive shooting or precision target practice, Hornady’s 22 Cal .224 88 Gr ELD Match bullets offer an exceptional advantage. With their cutting-edge design and confirmed performance enhancements, these bullets provide the accuracy, consistency, and reliability needed to excel in any shooting endeavor. Equip yourself with Hornady ELD Match bullets to experience the ultimate in precision and performance.

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Additional Information

.22 Cal
Model / Type:
ELD Match
Projectile Weight:
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