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Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match (2279) (Qty 100)

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Elevate Your Shooting Precision with Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match (2279) (Qty 100) * Precision Perfected: Introducing Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match (item number 2279), meticulously crafted to redefine your shooting accuracy. This package includes 100 expertly engineered bullets designed to elevate your precision and overall shooting performance. * BTHP Match Excellence: These bullets feature Hornady's renowned Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP) Match design, setting new standards for accuracy and consistency. The streamlined profile minimizes drag, resulting in enhanced stability, improved ballistic coefficients, and superior accuracy. * Optimized for Accuracy: Weighing 75 grains, these bullets are optimized for precision shooting scenarios. The perfect combination of weight and design ensures stability, velocity, and accurate shots across varying distances. * Consistency for Success: Rigorous quality control guarantees uniformity in weight and dimensions for every 22 Cal .224 bullet. This translates into tight shot groups, unwavering accuracy, and reliable performanceÑcritical for success in competitive shooting. * Cutting-Edge Manufacturing: Hornady's commitment to excellence shines through in these bullets. Employing advanced manufacturing techniques and meticulous craftsmanship, each bullet delivers consistent performance to the highest standards, shot after shot. * Superior Ballistic Performance: The BTHP Match design not only enhances ballistic coefficients but also minimizes wind drift, ensuring consistent impact even under challenging conditions. These bullets excel at maintaining precision over extended distances. * Precision Shooters' Choice: From competitive shooters to precision enthusiasts, these bullets cater to your unique shooting needs. Experience unmatched accuracy and performance with bullets engineered for excellence. * Reliability and Trust: The 2279 bullets embody Hornady's legacy of innovation and quality. Countless hours of research and testing culminate in bullets that consistently exceed expectations, delivering unmatched performance with every shot. * Master Your Marksmanship: The Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match are meticulously designed to excel in precision shooting. Expect minimal deviation, tighter shot groups, and unwavering performance while pushing the boundaries of distance. * Versatile Application: Whether perfecting your skills at the range or aiming for precise shots in the field, these bullets are optimized for diverse shooting environments. Achieve remarkable precision regardless of the scenario. * Enhanced Accuracy Design: The BTHP Match design incorporates Hornady's Heat Shield Tip, ensuring consistent bullet-to-bore alignment and reduced drag. This innovative feature contributes to superior accuracy and consistent performance. * Precision Redefined: The Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match (item number 2279) redefine precision shooting, whether in competitive events or personal achievements. Elevate your shooting capabilities and set new accuracy standards with bullets engineered to excel. In conclusion, the Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match offer unmatched precision, consistency, and performance for shooting enthusiasts. Whether aiming for competitive success, pushing the boundaries of marksmanship, or seeking excellence in precision shooting, these bullets are the ultimate choice. Experience the transformative impact of Hornady's BTHP Match design on your shooting pursuits. Enhance your accuracy, elevate your confidence, and redefine your precision shooting standards with bullets that set new benchmarks for excellence.
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.22 Cal
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BTHP Match
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