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Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match (2279) (Qty 100)

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  • Hornady Bullets, 22 Caliber, .224 Diameter, 75 Grain BTHP (Boat Tail Hollow Point) Match, model number 2279, sold in quantities of 100. The image presents a detailed cross-section of the bullet, displaying its internal composition and layered structure, emphasizing the precise engineering for maximum accuracy. The bullet's design features a tapered boat tail and a hollow point, illustrated in vibrant colors to highlight its aerodynamic shape and ballistic efficiency.
  • Box of Hornady Match Bullets, 22 Caliber, .224 Diameter, 75 Grain BTHP (Boat Tail Hollow Point), model number 2279, containing 100 bullets. The box is presented in vibrant red with a clear viewing window that showcases the precision-engineered, silver-colored bullets. Detailed product features are listed on the packaging, emphasizing high levels of accuracy, AMP jacket design for uniformity, precisely balanced cores, and a pioneering secant ogive profile. This packaging effectively highlights the bullets' advanced capabilities for competitive shooting and precision targeting.

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Hornady 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match (2279) Bullets: Precision Engineered for Accuracy

Introduction to Hornady’s High-Performance Bullets The Hornady 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match (2279) bullets are meticulously designed for top-tier accuracy and performance in competitive shooting and precision target practice. These bullets come in boxes of 100, embodying Hornady's commitment to excellence and innovation in bullet production.

Innovative Manufacturing for Peak Performance Advanced Manufacturing Process (AMP) At the heart of Hornady's Match bullets is the revolutionary Advanced Manufacturing Process (AMP) bullet jackets. Crafted by Hornady's expert engineers, these jackets provide unmatched concentricity. This precision engineering results in bullets with nearly zero runout and minimal wall thickness variation, forming the cornerstone of their exceptional accuracy.

Key Features of Hornady Match Bullets

  • Secant Ogive Profile: Designed to minimize drag and flatten trajectories, the secant ogive profile enhances the bullet's stability in flight and optimizes its ballistic coefficient for superior performance.
  • Swaged Lead Core: Hornady's swaging process ensures that each lead core is perfectly uniform, promoting consistent performance and unrivaled accuracy with every shot.
  • AMP Jacket: The cutting-edge AMP jacket features almost no runout and consistent wall thickness, essential for achieving precise, accurate shots.
  • Boattail Design: Customized for each caliber and weight, the boattail design of these bullets optimizes their ballistic coefficient, enhancing performance across various shooting conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 22 Cal. .224
  • Product Line: Match™
  • Sectional Density: .214
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .395 (G1)
  • Weight: 75 GR
  • Application: Target/Match
  • Box Count: 100
  • Item Number: 2279

Conclusion The Hornady 22 Cal .224 75 Gr BTHP Match bullets are engineered for precision shooters who demand the best. With state-of-the-art features like the AMP jacket and secant ogive profile, these bullets deliver exceptional performance and accuracy. Ideal for competition and rigorous practice, Hornady’s Match bullets help shooters achieve their best performance, shot after shot.

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Additional Information

.22 Cal
Model / Type:
BTHP Match
Projectile Weight:
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