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Hornady Bullets - 30 Cal .308 168 Gr BTHP Match (30501) (Qty 100)

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Experience Exceptional Accuracy with Hornady Bullets - 30 Cal .308 168 Gr BTHP Match (30501) (Qty 100) * Precision Perfected: Introducing Hornady Bullets - 30 Cal .308 168 Gr BTHP Match (item number 30501), meticulously crafted to redefine your shooting accuracy. This package includes 100 expertly engineered bullets designed for precision shooting excellence. * BTHP Match Design: These bullets feature Hornady's renowned Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP) Match design, setting new standards for accuracy and consistency. The streamlined profile minimizes drag, resulting in enhanced stability, improved ballistic coefficients, and superior accuracy. * Optimized for Accuracy: With a weight of 168 grains, these bullets are meticulously designed for optimal accuracy and performance. The precise balance between weight and design ensures stable flight trajectories and superior impact consistency. * Uniformity and Consistency: Rigorous quality control measures ensure uniformity in weight, dimensions, and performance for each 30 Cal .308 bullet. This consistency translates into tighter shot groups and reliable performance, crucial for competitive and precision shooting. * Elevated Ballistic Coefficients: The BTHP Match design not only enhances accuracy but also reduces wind drift, ensuring consistent impact even in challenging wind conditions. This translates into improved downrange accuracy, especially over extended distances. * Expert Craftsmanship: These bullets are a testament to Hornady's dedication to precision manufacturing. Utilizing advanced techniques and materials, each bullet is crafted to deliver consistent performance, shot after shot. * Proven Performance: Trusted by competitive shooters and marksmen worldwide, these bullets have earned their reputation for excellence. They have been rigorously tested and refined to meet the high standards of precision shooting enthusiasts. * Achieve Your Best: The Hornady Bullets - 30 Cal .308 168 Gr BTHP Match empower you to achieve your best shooting performance. Whether on the range or in the field, these bullets provide the consistency and accuracy needed to hit your target with confidence. * Versatile Application: These bullets are not only designed for competitive shooting but also excel in precision scenarios in the field. With their exceptional accuracy, they are equally well-suited for hunting and long-range shooting. * Experience the Difference: Elevate your marksmanship with bullets that are designed to make a difference. The Hornady Bullets - 30 Cal .308 168 Gr BTHP Match bring you the accuracy, consistency, and performance that redefine your shooting capabilities. * Perfect Your Precision: Whether you're a seasoned competitive shooter or a dedicated enthusiast, these bullets provide the edge you need to perfect your precision. Their design is optimized for accuracy, helping you achieve tighter groups and more on-target shots. * Reliability You Can Trust: The Hornady name is synonymous with quality and performance. With the Hornady Bullets - 30 Cal .308 168 Gr BTHP Match, you're investing in bullets that have been engineered to deliver results you can trust, shot after shot. In conclusion, the Hornady Bullets - 30 Cal .308 168 Gr BTHP Match (item number 30501) bring together precision engineering, advanced design, and a commitment to excellence. With these bullets, you're not just aiming for the target; you're aiming for accuracy, consistency, and a new level of shooting performance. Whether you're hitting the range for competitive shooting or heading out for a precision hunt, these bullets are the ammunition of choice for those who demand the best.
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.30 Cal
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BTHP Match
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