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Hornady Bullets - 416 Cal .416 500 Gr A-Tip Match (1-12") (41697) (Qty 25)

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Hornady .416 Cal 500 Gr A-Tip Match Bullets

Hornady .416 Cal 500 Gr A-Tip Match Bullets

The Hornady¨ .416 Cal 500 Gr A-Tip Match bullets are the result of extensive research and testing by the Hornady¨ Ballistic Development Group. Utilizing advanced manufacturing processes and stringent quality control measures, these bullets represent the ultimate in low drag, high performance match projectiles.

Product Features

Tip Design

  • Precision machined aluminum tip for improved center of gravity and inflight stability.
  • Aeroballistically advanced design for tighter groups and reduced drag variability.
  • Optimized blend of ogive, tip length, bearing surface, and boattail by caliber.


  • Low drag coefficient (high BC) bullets verified by Doppler radar, forgiving of twist rate, seating depth, and muzzle velocity.
  • Refined design of the AMP¨ bullet jacket for industry-leading uniformity and concentricity.


  • Sequentially packaged right off the press for consistent performance.
  • Minimal handling throughout manufacturing to ensure bullet consistency.
  • Includes a polishing bag for bullet preparation prior to loading.

Large Caliber A-Tip¨ Match Bullet Twist Rates

Hornady¨ large caliber A-Tip¨ Match bullets are designed for ultimate performance at any distance, including Extreme Long Range (ELR). These conventional, jacketed, lead-core projectiles are carefully designed to maximize bullet performance across supersonic, transonic, and subsonic velocities.

Product Details

  • Caliber: .416 Cal
  • Product Line: A-Tip¨ Match
  • Sectional Density: .396
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .976 (G1) / .492 (G7)
  • Twist Rate: 1:12" recommended for 500 Gr
  • Weight: 500 GR
  • Application: Target/Match
  • Box Count: 25
  • Item #: 41697

Optimize your precision shooting with Hornady's .416 Cal 500 Gr A-Tip Match bullets, engineered for exceptional accuracy and performance.

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Additional Information

.416 Cal
Model / Type:
A-Tip Match
Projectile Weight:
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