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Hornady Bullets - 7mm .284 180 Gr ELD Match (1-8") (28503) (Qty 100)

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Hornady Bullets: 7mm .284 180 Gr ELD Match (28503) - Ultimate Precision for Target Shooting

Introduction to Hornady's 7mm ELD Match Bullets

The 7mm .284 180 Gr ELD Match bullets from Hornady represent the forefront of bullet technology designed for serious shooters. These bullets feature the technologically advanced Heat Shield® tips and are engineered with precision to provide superior accuracy, high ballistic coefficients, and exceptional consistency from one bullet to the next, across various lots.

Advanced Features of the 7mm 180 Gr ELD Match Bullets

1. Heat Shield® Tip Technology: Hornady's innovative Heat Shield® tip is at the core of the ELD Match bullets' design. This tip is resistant to the effects of aerodynamic heating, maintaining its ideal shape for consistent performance. This results in a perfect meplat (tip point), which significantly enhances inflight stability and accuracy.

2. Designed for Maximum Accuracy: Combining a streamlined secant ogive with an optimized boattail design and highly concentric AMP® bullet jackets, the 7mm ELD Match bullets are crafted to deliver the highest degree of accuracy and consistency. These features culminate in a bullet with one of the highest ballistic coefficients in its class, ensuring superb performance in target and match settings.

3. Doppler Radar Verified Ballistics: The ballistic coefficients of these ELD® Match bullets are meticulously measured using Doppler radar and adjusted to standard atmospheric conditions. This accuracy ensures that shooters can rely on the provided data to fine-tune their shooting strategies effectively.

4. Superior Performance with Perfect Tip: The perfected design of the Heat Shield® tip not only provides exceptional resistance to heating but also outperforms traditional BTHP (Boat Tail Hollow Point) bullets. This advancement ensures tighter groupings and more consistent shot placement, crucial for competitive shooting and precision practices.

Technical Specifications:

  • Caliber: 7mm .284
  • Product Line: ELD® Match
  • Sectional Density: .319
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .796 (G1), .401 (G7)
  • Twist Rate: 1-8" (Minimum Recommended)
  • Weight: 180 GR
  • Application: Target/Match
  • Box Count: 100
  • Item Number: 28503

Conclusion: Why Choose Hornady's 7mm .284 180 Gr ELD Match Bullets?

For those dedicated to achieving unparalleled precision in their shooting endeavors, Hornady's 7mm .284 180 Gr ELD Match bullets are an exemplary choice. These bullets are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of competitive shooters and precision enthusiasts alike, offering advanced features that promote superior accuracy and consistent performance. Whether at the range or in a competitive environment, these bullets provide the technological edge needed to excel. Equip yourself with Hornady ELD Match bullets and experience the pinnacle of shooting accuracy.

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Additional Information

Model / Type:
ELD Match
Projectile Weight:
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    Hornady 180 grain ELD-M

    Posted by Roy Pacini on Mar 7th 2024

    I've shot these in the factory form. I shot a 3 shot pretty much a 1 hole group with my custom 7MM PRC. I haven't as yet reloaded with these.

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