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Hornady Ammunition - 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711) (Qty 20)

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Experience Superior Precision with Hornady Ammunition - 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711) (Qty 20) Elevate your shooting prowess with Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711). Crafted for precision and consistency, these rounds are meticulously designed to cater to the needs of competitive shooters and enthusiasts who demand unparalleled accuracy. Embrace superior ballistic performance and consistent results that Hornady is renowned for. Key Features: * Precision Redefined: Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711) stands as a testament to precision, making it an ideal choice for shooters seeking exceptional accuracy. * ELD Match Bullet: The 180-grain ELD Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullet is meticulously engineered for optimal accuracy and uniformity, boasting a high ballistic coefficient for enhanced flight characteristics. * Match-Grade Components: Each round is loaded with match-grade components, ensuring uniformity in powder charge and primer ignition, leading to consistent performance round after round. * Outstanding Ballistic Coefficients: The aerodynamic design of the ELD Match bullet contributes to high ballistic coefficients, reducing wind drift and enhancing long-range accuracy. * Reliable Consistency: Hornady's rigorous manufacturing processes ensure that each round delivers reliable and repeatable accuracy, providing consistent results shot after shot. * Versatile Shooting: Whether you're competing in precision matches or perfecting your long-range skills, these rounds are engineered to deliver the performance you need. * 20 Rounds Per Box: Each box contains 20 rounds, offering an ample supply of ammunition for practice, competitions, and more. * Advanced Design: The ELD Match bullet features a Heat Shield tip and InterLock ring, ensuring controlled terminal performance and consistent expansion even at extended ranges. * Tailored for Long Range: These rounds are optimized for long-range engagements, allowing you to confidently engage targets at extended distances with precision. * Proven Excellence: Hornady's legacy of producing high-quality ammunition shines through, offering shooters a trusted brand synonymous with accuracy and precision. * Elevate Your Performance: When you load Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711), you're arming yourself with ammunition engineered to enhance your shooting results. * Confident Accuracy: Each shot fired with the 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711) empowers you with the confidence of knowing you're shooting rounds optimized for precision. Experience the epitome of accuracy and consistency with Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711). Whether you're competing at the highest level or pursuing personal bests, these rounds are designed to elevate your performance. With a fusion of advanced bullet technology and meticulous craftsmanship, Hornady continues to set the standard for accuracy-driven ammunition. Unlock unparalleled precisionÑsecure your supply of Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711) today and experience the difference in your shooting results.
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7mm PRC
Model / Type:
ELD Match
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