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Hornady Ammunition - 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match (80711) (Qty 20)

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  • The image displays a diagram of Hornady's 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match ammunition, presented in a highly detailed technical drawing that shows the internal structure and components. The bullet features an elongated profile with a pointed tip designed for precision and enhanced aerodynamics. The sectional representation highlights the bullet's sophisticated design, with layers indicating the jacket, core, and other internal structures that optimize its performance for long-range accuracy. This ammunition is part of a 20-count box tailored for competitive shooting and hunting scenarios where precision is crucial.
  • The image displays a box of Hornady 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match ammunition, prominently featuring the brand's logo and product design. The box is white with red and black accents, and the central logo "MATCH" is emphasized in a large, bold font. Next to the box are three individual cartridges, visually illustrating the product contained within. Each cartridge shows a brass casing and a pointed bullet, designed for precision shooting. The packaging and bullets are designed for consumers seeking high-performance ammunition for competitive and tactical shooting scenarios.
  • The image presents a highly detailed vertical illustration of a 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match cartridge from Hornady Ammunition, designated as the official ammunition of the Precision Rifle Series. The cartridge is shown in a sectional view, revealing its internal components including the bullet, casing, and gunpowder. Above the cartridge, a red pointed tip emphasizes the precision aspect of the bullet design. The image highlights the cartridge's capabilities for long-range precision shooting, catering to competitive shooters and precision enthusiasts.


Hornady 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD Match Ammunition Overview

Precision Engineered for Exceptional Performance

Hornady's 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) 180 Gr ELD® Match ammunition, item number 80711, offers unmatched precision and consistency for serious shooters. This ammunition is specifically loaded to meet the demands of target and match shooting, where accuracy over long distances is crucial. Packaged in boxes of 20, this ammunition ensures that shooters have the quality needed for competition and precision practice.

Key Features of Hornady 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD® Match Ammunition:

  • The Perfect Tip: Each ELD® Match bullet is equipped with Hornady's Heat Shield™ tip, which creates an ideal meplat and significantly outperforms traditional BTHP (Boat-Tail Hollow Point) bullets. This innovation leads to superior aerodynamic efficiency and accuracy.

  • Hornady® Match™ Bullets: Loaded with the most accurate, consistent match bullets in the world, Hornady® Match™ ammunition features AMP® (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets, which enhance stability and performance.

  • Specially Selected Cases: Each brass case is carefully chosen based on stringent criteria, including uniform wall thickness, internal capacity, consistent weight, and wall concentricity, contributing to the overall precision of each cartridge.

  • Carefully Matched Powder: Powders are specifically matched to each load, optimizing pressure, velocity, and consistent accuracy, ensuring that each shot performs reliably under various conditions.

  • Stringent Quality Control: Maintained through extremely tight tolerances and rigorous inspection processes, Hornady® Match™ ammunition achieves superior lot-to-lot consistency. This strict quality control helps fulfill J.W. Hornady’s goal of "Ten bullets through one hole."

Product Specifications:

  • Cartridge: 7mm PRC
  • Bullet Weight: 180 gr
  • Product Line: Match™
  • Sectional Density: .319
  • Ballistic Coefficients: .796 (G1), .401 (G7)
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1-8"
  • Application: Target/Match
  • Box Count: 20 cartridges
  • Item Number: 80711

Ideal for competitors and precision shooters, Hornady’s 7mm PRC 180 Gr ELD® Match ammunition sets the standard for long-range accuracy. Whether aiming for targets in competitive environments or honing skills at the range, shooters can trust in the performance and consistency offered by Hornady’s meticulously crafted ammunition.

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Additional Information

7mm PRC
Model / Type:
ELD Match
Projectile Weight:
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