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IOSSO Eliminator Brush - .22 Cal

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IOSSO Eliminator Brush - .22 Cal: Enhanced Precision Cleaning


Optimize the cleaning regimen for your .22 caliber firearms with the IOSSO Eliminator Brush. Designed specifically for the precision and care of smaller bore sizes, this premium brush stands out due to its innovative construction and long-lasting performance.

Superior Design and Durability

Unique Fiber Material

The IOSSO Eliminator Brush is constructed from a cobalt blue fiber, making it easily distinguishable from other brushes. This vibrant color ensures that the brush is not mistaken for any other, avoiding mix-ups in your cleaning kit. The fiber used is a thicker, stiffer grade than traditional materials, allowing for effective back-and-forth cleaning actions that are not typically possible with standard brass and bronze brushes.

Enhanced Longevity

Built to outlast conventional cleaning tools, this brush lasts approximately 8 to 10 times longer than its counterparts. It features a tight winding and boasts more fiber per inch, increasing its efficacy and durability. This construction not only extends the brush's lifespan but also enhances its cleaning capabilities, making it a cost-effective choice for regular shooters.

Efficient Cleaning Performance

Comprehensive Fouling Removal

When used in conjunction with IOSSO Bore Cleaner and Triple Action Solution, the .22 Cal Eliminator Brush effectively removes all types of fouling, including copper, lead, plastic wad, and carbon burn. This results in drastically reduced cleaning time and leaves your firearm’s bore unbelievably clean, which is crucial for maintaining accuracy and overall firearm health.

Versatility for Various Firearms

Although specifically designed for .22 caliber rifles, this brush is part of a versatile line that caters to a range of firearms, including rifles, pistols, shotguns, and black powder guns. Whether you’re maintaining a precision target rifle or a small-caliber pistol, this brush provides the meticulous cleaning needed to keep your firearm in top condition.

Trademark Quality

Cobalt Blue Brushes

The distinct cobalt blue color of the IOSSO Eliminator Brushes isn’t just for show—it’s a trademark of IOSSO Products, indicating high quality and consistent performance. This trademark reassures users that they are employing a genuine product designed with the utmost care and expertise.


The IOSSO Eliminator Brush for .22 Caliber firearms is an essential tool for any firearm enthusiast focused on precise and thorough cleaning. With its advanced fiber material, exceptional durability, and effective cleaning capabilities, this brush is a prime investment for enhancing the care and maintenance of your .22 caliber firearms. Trust in the IOSSO Eliminator Brush to deliver superior cleaning performance that supports both the longevity and accuracy of your firearms.

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.22 Cal
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