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IOSSO Eliminator Brush - .338 Cal

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IOSSO Eliminator Brush - .338 Cal: Advanced Cleaning for High-Caliber Firearms


For firearm enthusiasts who demand high-performance cleaning solutions, the IOSSO Eliminator Brush in .338 Caliber stands out as a superior choice. Designed with unique and innovative features, this premium bore brush is tailored for effective and efficient cleaning of high-caliber rifles, ensuring unparalleled maintenance for optimal shooting performance.

Enhanced Design and Durability

Superior Fiber Material

The IOSSO Eliminator Brush is constructed from a cobalt blue fiber, a signature feature that not only distinguishes it visually but also offers enhanced performance. This thicker, stiffer grade of fiber allows for robust back-and-forth cleaning action, which traditional brass and bronze brushes cannot match, ensuring thorough removal of residues without damaging the bore.

Long-Lasting Efficiency

Built to outperform conventional brushes, the Eliminator Brush lasts approximately 8 to 10 times longer. It is tightly wound and contains more fiber per inch than any other brush on the market, enhancing both its effectiveness and durability through extensive use.

Optimal Cleaning Performance

Comprehensive Fouling Removal

When used in conjunction with IOSSO Bore Cleaner and Triple Action Solution, the .338 Cal Eliminator Brush excels at removing all types of fouling, including copper, lead, plastic wad, and carbon burn. This powerful combination not only significantly reduces cleaning time but also results in an unbelievably clean bore, enhancing both accuracy and the lifespan of the firearm.

Designed for High-Caliber Firearms

Specifically made for .338 caliber rifles, this brush is part of IOSSO's versatile line of cleaning tools, which are available for various firearm types including rifles, pistols, shotguns, and black powder guns. The .338 Cal brush ensures that shooters of larger, long-range rifles can maintain their equipment at the highest standards.

Trademark Quality

Distinctive Blue Brushes

The striking cobalt blue color of the IOSSO Eliminator Brushes is not merely aesthetic; it serves as a trademark of IOSSO Products. This distinctive feature guarantees that you are using a genuine IOSSO brush, renowned for its quality and reliability in firearm maintenance.


The IOSSO Eliminator Brush for .338 Caliber rifles is an essential tool for any serious shooter looking to maintain their high-caliber firearms in peak condition. Its advanced materials, innovative design, and superior cleaning capabilities make it an indispensable part of your firearm maintenance kit. Trust IOSSO's proven performance to keep your bore clean and your shots accurate, session after session.

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.338 Cal
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