Lapua .22 LR, Pistol King, 420164, (box of 50)

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Lapua .22 LR Pistol King 420164 (Box of 50) - Unleash Precision in Every Shot For those seeking superior rimfire ammunition, Lapua is a brand that stands out for its dedication to excellence. The Lapua .22 LR Pistol King 420164 offers shooters an unrivaled blend of precision, consistency, and remarkable performance. This box contains 50 meticulously crafted Pistol King cartridges designed to elevate your rimfire shooting endeavors. Key Features: * Precision at its Core: Lapua's commitment to precision is evident in every aspect of the .22 LR Pistol King 420164. Each cartridge is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring uniformity in weight, propellant charge, and bullet placement. This precision translates into consistent accuracy and tighter shot groups. * Optimized for Pistol Shooting: The Pistol King cartridges are tailored specifically for pistol shooting disciplines. Whether you're engaged in competitive shooting or honing your skills on the range, these cartridges deliver exceptional performance. The controlled propulsion and reliable ignition contribute to consistent point-of-impact and minimized group dispersion. * Reliable and Consistent Performance: The cartridges feature high-quality projectiles engineered for reliable expansion upon impact. This makes them well-suited for target shooting and small game hunting. The bullet design ensures consistent energy transfer, facilitating effective shot placement. * Quality Propellant: Lapua's dedication to quality extends to the propellant selection. The Pistol King cartridges are loaded with carefully chosen propellant that ensures uniform velocity and minimal variation shot-to-shot. This results in a predictable trajectory and improved overall accuracy. * Stringent Quality Control: Lapua's reputation for consistency is upheld by rigorous quality control measures. Each cartridge in the box of Pistol King 420164 undergoes thorough testing, ensuring that it meets Lapua's stringent standards of performance and ballistics. * Enhanced Pistol Shooting: Designed with pistol shooters in mind, these cartridges contribute to enhanced shooting experience and performance. The precise alignment of components and reliable ignition maximize the potential of your pistol. * Box of 50: Each box contains 50 Pistol King cartridges, ensuring you have an ample supply for extended range sessions, matches, or shooting outings. This quantity ensures you're well-equipped to tackle various shooting scenarios without worrying about running low on ammunition. Elevate your rimfire pistol shooting experience with the precision and reliability of Lapua .22 LR Pistol King 420164 (Box of 50). Whether you're pursuing excellence in competition or seeking effective shot placement in the field, these cartridges provide the consistency and accuracy that only Lapua can offer. Take your rimfire pistol shooting to the next level. Order now and experience the Lapua difference firsthand!
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.22 LR
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Pistol King
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