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Lapua Ammunition, .243 Winchester, 90gr, Naturalis Solid, N316201, (Box of 20)

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  • Single .243 Winchester Lapua ammunition round, 90gr Naturalis Solid, model number N316201. This bullet features a unique copper solid tip designed for maximum impact and expansion, combined with a brass casing that highlights its premium quality. Ideal for ethical hunting, this round offers high accuracy and terminal performance, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Close-up of a .243 Winchester Lapua ammunition round, 90gr Naturalis Solid, model number N316201. This round features a copper solid tip designed for controlled expansion and a high-polish brass casing, demonstrating its high-quality manufacturing. It's specifically engineered for hunting, providing excellent terminal performance with minimal environmental impact.
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Lapua .243 Winchester Ammunition with Naturalis Solid - Lead-Free Hunting Excellence

Lapua .243 Winchester Ammunition: Lead-Free Precision for Hunters

Introducing the Lapua .243 Winchester hunting round, factory-loaded with the revolutionary lead-free Naturalis projectile. This ammunition is engineered for hunters who demand the highest level of accuracy and ethical performance in the field.

Key Features of Lapua .243 Winchester Ammunition

  • Caliber: .243 Win.
  • Bullet: Naturalis Solid
  • Product Number: N316201
  • Muzzle Velocity: 910 m/s (2985 fps)
  • Bullet Weight: 5.8 g (90 gr)
  • Purpose: Hunting
  • Twist Rate: 1-10''
  • BC G1: 0.230
  • Bullet Type: Lead-free copper

Unmatched Hunting Performance

LapuaÕs .243 Winchester ammunition offers a mild recoil, top-notch accuracy, and a flat trajectory, making it a favorite among bird and medium-sized game hunters in Scandinavia and beyond. The Naturalis Solid bullet, made of lead-free copper, ensures a humane and effective shot, minimizing environmental impact.

Designed for Precision

Every aspect of this ammunition, from its meticulous manufacturing process to the innovative Naturalis Solid projectile, is designed to provide hunters with the ultimate in field performance. Whether you're aiming for small or medium game, the .243 Winchester from Lapua delivers the precision and reliability you need to make every shot count.

Environmentally Conscious Choice

Embrace the future of hunting with Lapua's lead-free ammunition. By choosing the .243 Winchester rounds loaded with Naturalis Solids, you're not only opting for superior performance but also contributing to a healthier environment. Make the switch to lead-free and experience the difference in your hunting excursions.

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