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Lapua Brass, 220 Russian, 4PH5013, (Box of 100)

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  • The image displays a piece of Lapua brass for the 220 Russian caliber, identified by the product code 4PH5013, typically sold in a box of 100. The brass is noted for its high-quality finish and robust construction, characteristic of Lapua products, which are highly regarded in the shooting sports and precision reloading community. The 220 Russian cartridge is particularly popular among target shooters and is often used in benchrest and other precision shooting competitions.
  • The uploaded image showcases a brass cartridge case for the 220 Russian caliber, provided by Lapua with the product code 4PH5013. This type of brass is known for its consistent performance and reliability, commonly sold in boxes of 100 units. The 220 Russian cartridge is particularly popular for precision shooting and benchrest competitions, where consistent case dimensions and quality can significantly influence shooting accuracy.
  • The image displays a single brass cartridge case for the 220 Russian caliber from Lapua, designated by the product code 4PH5013. This particular brass is renowned for its high quality and precision, often chosen by competitive shooters for its consistency and reliability. The cartridge's design is tailored for shooting sports, contributing to better performance in terms of accuracy and precision. The Lapua 220 Russian brass is typically sold in boxes of 100 units, aimed at serious shooters who demand the best quality for their ammunition components.
  • The image shows a box of Lapua Brass for the 220 Russian caliber, with the product code 4PH5013. This box contains 100 pieces of high-quality brass cases, which are sought after by precision shooters for their consistency and reliability. Lapua is known for its exceptional manufacturing standards, making this brass a preferred choice for both competitive shooting and hunting where precision is crucial. The packaging is straightforward and clearly branded with Lapua's logo, emphasizing its premium quality.
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Lapua .220 Russian Brass (Box of 100) - Benchrest Shooter's Choice

Lapua .220 Russian Brass (Box of 100)

When it comes to benchrest shooting, precision and reliability are paramount. That's why the Lapua .220 Russian brass stands as the top choice among benchrest enthusiasts worldwide. Not only is it the most popular brass for benchrest shooting, but it also serves as the parent case for renowned cartridges like .22 PPC, 6mm PPC, and the 6.5mm Grendel.

Here's why Lapua's .220 Russian brass reigns supreme:

  • Small Rifle Primer Pocket (SRP): Lapua's .220 Russian brass features a Small Rifle Primer pocket, ensuring reliable ignition and consistent performance.
  • Reloading Excellence: The brass is constructed to the highest standards, with a hard and strong base section that maintains primer tightness even after multiple reloads.
  • Easy Extraction: The body section of Lapua's brass is hard and firm, making it easy to extract after firing, whether you're full sizing or neck sizing in your reloading process.
  • Annealed Neck and Shoulder: Strict tolerances in concentricity and wall thickness are employed during manufacturing, and the neck and shoulder are annealed to withstand repeated reloading cycles.

But that's not all; Lapua goes the extra mile to ensure your brass arrives in pristine condition. Each box contains 100 pieces of Lapua brass, and the brand-new case box is designed to safeguard the brass during shipping, guaranteeing that your reloading experience is at its best level.

For benchrest shooters who demand the highest levels of accuracy and performance, Lapua's .220 Russian brass is the undisputed choice. Join the ranks of elite shooters who trust Lapua for their benchrest reloading needs.

Experience the difference that Lapua's .220 Russian brass can make in your shooting. Secure your box of 100 Lapua brass cases and elevate your benchrest reloading to the pinnacle of precision.

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.220 Russian
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