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Lapua Brass, .284 Winchester, 4PH7284, (Box of 100)

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  • Single Lapua .284 Winchester brass casing, model 4PH7284, part of a box of 100. This high-quality brass casing is presented in a vertical orientation, displaying its elongated and polished golden finish. It is designed for precision reloading, favored for its superior performance in long-range shooting applications.
  • Close-up of a Lapua .284 Winchester brass casing, model number 4PH7284, part of a box of 100. The casing is displayed horizontally, showcasing its smooth, polished brass finish and the precision craftsmanship characteristic of Lapua products. Ideal for custom reloading, this casing is noted for its durability and consistent performance in long-range precision shooting.
  • Box of 100 Lapua .284 Winchester brass casings, product code 4PH7284. The packaging is elegantly designed in blue with red and white accents, prominently featuring the Lapua logo. The box is clearly labeled with the caliber, product code, and quantity, designed for easy identification and selection by precision shooters and reloaders.
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Lapua .284 Winchester Brass for Precision Shooting

Lapua Brass - .284 Winchester: Precision Crafted for Excellence

Embrace the resurgence of the .284 Winchester cartridge, a favorite among F-Class competition shooters and hunting enthusiasts. Lapua, a proud sponsor of the US Rifle Team, offers high-quality brass in this classic cartridge, ensuring top performance for distances up to 1,000 meters/yards. Designed for efficiency in medium-length actions, the .284 Winchester is distinguished by its rebated rim and large powder column, making it an ideal choice for custom rifles and precision shooting.

Key Specifications

  • Caliber: 7 mm (.284)
  • Product Number: 4PH7284
  • Primer Type: Large Rifle Primer (LRP)
  • Purpose: Hunting, Target Shooting

Optimized Performance

Lapua's .284 Winchester brass is engineered for shooters who demand precision and reliability. Whether you're competing at the highest levels of F-Class shooting or pursuing game, this cartridge delivers exceptional accuracy potential and high muzzle velocity across a wide range of applications.

Why Choose Lapua .284 Winchester Brass?

Choosing Lapua .284 Winchester brass means selecting the best for your shooting needs. With each box containing 100 cases, shooters have access to consistent quality and performance, backed by Lapua's reputation for excellence in the field and on the range.

Maximize your shooting potential with Lapua's .284 Winchester brass. Designed for precision, reliability, and performance, it's the perfect choice for F-Class competitors and hunters alike. Experience the difference with Lapua and elevate your shooting experience today.

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Additional Information

.284 Winchester
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