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Lapua Brass, 308 Winchester, 4PH7217, (Box of 100)

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Lapua Brass, 308 Winchester, 4PH7217 (Box of 100)

Lapua Brass, 308 Winchester, 4PH7217 (Box of 100)

Introducing the esteemed Lapua .308 Winchester brass (4PH7217), a benchmark in rifle caliber quality. Favoured by competitive shooters worldwide, this brass is the epitome of consistency and excellence in the world of shooting.

Unmatched Quality and Consistency

The Lapua .308 Winchester brass is acclaimed for its premium consistency and quality. It sets the standard in the popular .308 rifle caliber, ensuring reliable performance for all types of shooting applications, from hunting and tactical to target and long-range rifle shooting.

Perfect for Diverse Shooting Disciplines

Whether you are a hunter, a tactical shooter, or a long-range target enthusiast, LapuaÕs .308 Winchester brass meets your demands for precision and reliability, making it a must-have for competitive rifle shooters across all disciplines.

Large Rifle Primer Pocket

The .308 Winchester case features a Large Rifle Primer pocket, designed for optimal performance and consistency in your shooting experience.

Enhanced Protection and Packaging

Available in the newly designed cardboard 100 pcs Lapua brass box, this packaging is specifically created to protect and preserve the brass during shipping. This ensures that your reloading experience starts with brass in pristine condition, setting the stage for exceptional shooting performance.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 308 Winchester
  • Part Number: 4PH7217
  • Primer Type: Large Rifle
  • Packaging: New 100 pcs cardboard box
  • Application: Hunting, Tactical, Long Range Shooting


The Lapua .308 Winchester brass, 4PH7217, is the pinnacle of rifle brass excellence. Its unrivaled consistency and quality make it the top choice for shooters aiming for precision and reliability in their ammunition. For those dedicated to the art of reloading and shooting, LapuaÕs .308 Winchester brass is an indispensable component in achieving top-tier shooting performance. Elevate your shooting experience with Lapua's superior quality brass.

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.308 Winchester
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