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MDT Accessories - Buttstock Weight, SRS-X V2, Black (106846-BLK)

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  • MDT Buttstock Weight for the SRS-X V2 in black (106846-BLK) is a compact and efficiently designed accessory that easily attaches to your rifle's stock to enhance stability and balance. Its solid construction is meant to add just the right amount of weight to reduce recoil and improve the rifle's handling. The subtle MDT branding on the weight signifies its quality and compatibility with the SRS-X V2 system, making it an indispensable piece for shooters looking to achieve a more custom and controlled shooting experience.
  • MDT Buttstock Weight designed for the SRS-X V2 in black (106846-BLK) is a key component for precision shooters aiming to enhance their rifle's balance and recoil management. The weight is crafted to affix easily to the buttstock, providing a straightforward solution for shooters to fine-tune the handling characteristics of their rifle. The distinct MDT logo etched on the weight assures compatibility and quality, promising a seamless fit and function within the MDT precision shooting system.
  • MDT Buttstock Weight for the SRS-X V2 in black (106846-BLK) provides a detailed view of its sleek, purpose-built design. It features a secure mounting system with a screw adjustment for easy installation and precise fitment to the buttstock. This accessory is engineered to add necessary mass to the rifle's rear, counterbalancing the weight of the barrel and action for improved shooting stability and recoil reduction. The side cutout reduces the overall weight of the accessory itself, maintaining functionality without unnecessary bulk.


MDT Accessories - Buttstock Weight

Enhance Your Rifle's Performance with the MDT Accessories Buttstock Weight

When it comes to rifle performance, balance and recoil control are essential factors, and the MDT Accessories Buttstock Weight is designed to help you achieve just that.

SRS-Premier and SRS-X Elite Buttstock Weight Options

The MDT Accessories Buttstock Weight offers two options to suit your specific needs:

  • SRS-Premier Buttstock Weight: This weight is compatible with SRS V5 buttstocks found on the MDT ESS, ACC, and SRS V5 models. By attaching this weight near the bottom of your stock, you can significantly shift your rifle's balance point rearward, aiding in better stability and control. The weight, along with its hardware, adds 0.65 lb to your rifle system.
  • SRS-X Elite Buttstock Weight: Designed for the SRS-X Elite, which is featured on the MDT ACC Elite, this weight adds approximately 0.75 lb to the rear of your rifle. This adjustment helps balance your chassis system properly. It's especially beneficial for competitive shooters who want to offset the weight of an MTU/Straight barrel or a heavier muzzle device.

Effortless Installation for Improved Rifle Balance

Installing the MDT Accessories Buttstock Weight is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove the butt pad assembly from your rifle's buttstock.
  2. Slide the weight into the lower pocket designed for it.
  3. Attach the weight securely using the included screws.
  4. Reinstall the butt pad assembly, ensuring a snug fit.

Key Details for Improved Performance

  • This weight mounts in the lower pocket of MDT SRS buttstocks, effectively adding 0.65 lb to 0.75 lb to your rifle system's rear. This adjustment significantly shifts the balance point rearward, contributing to better stability.
  • The weight features an underside clearance slot, allowing you to mount M-Lok accessories to the buttstock even with the weight installed.
  • Its width is carefully designed to match the width of the ESS, ACC, and SRS buttstocks, ensuring a seamless fit.

Compatibility and Hardware

This product is exclusively designed to fit MDT SRS V5 and Elite buttstocks. It will not fit in buttstocks from other manufacturers. Additionally, the weight can fit into the lower pocket of second-generation ESS folding stocks.

The package includes three #8-32 x _Ó socket head cap screws, which are used to securely attach the weight to the buttstock pocket.

Material and Installation Note

The MDT Accessories Buttstock Weight is crafted from case-hardened steel, ensuring durability and longevity. For a secure fit, it's recommended to install the weight with blue (temporary) Loctite as needed.

Upgrade your rifle's balance and recoil control with the MDT Accessories Buttstock Weight. Achieve better stability and enhance your shooting performance.

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