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MDT Accessories - Dampeners, SRS-X Elite, Buttstock, Black (107249-BLK)

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  • MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock Dampeners in classic black (107249-BLK) combine practicality with a sleek design to enhance your shooting experience. These dampeners are crafted to fit snugly onto the SRS-X Elite Buttstock, providing extra recoil cushioning for improved comfort and stability. The textured surface offers an excellent grip while the MDT emblem signals a stamp of quality and assurance of compatibility with your precision shooting equipment. Whether you are engaging in tactical scenarios or precision shooting, these buttstock dampeners are the perfect blend of functionality and style for any serious shooter.
  • SRS-X Elite Buttstock with these innovative MDT Dampeners. The gray and black design integrates seamlessly with the buttstock, adding a layer of cushioning that absorbs recoil and reduces the physical strain on shooters during extended periods of use. These dampeners are made from durable materials that withstand the toughest conditions while providing a stable and comfortable shoulder rest. The added MDT branding on the dampeners emphasizes their quality and compatibility with the SRS-X Elite system, making them a perfect fit for shooters looking to improve their shooting experience with reliable and ergonomic accessories.


MDT Rubber Dampeners for SRS-X Elite Buttstock - Optimize Shooting Precision

MDT Rubber Dampeners for SRS-X Elite Buttstock - Maximizing Shooting Stability

Introducing the MDT Rubber Dampeners for SRS-X Elite Buttstock, Black (107249-BLK), an innovative solution designed to significantly reduce harmonic vibrations in your firearm. These dampeners are crafted to enhance the stability and accuracy of your shots, making them an essential addition for serious shooters.

Advanced Vibration Absorption Technology

The MDT Rubber Dampeners are engineered to absorb and dampen vibrations effectively, resulting in a more stable and 'dead' feeling gun. This feature is crucial for shooters looking to spot their trace and maintain focus on their target, especially in competitive or tactical shooting environments.

Easy and Secure Installation

Installation of these dampeners is a breeze. Simply apply some dry lube to the outer edge and press them into the buttstock openings. There's no need for any tools or screws. The MDT Rubber Dampeners are designed to stay snugly in place, ensuring a secure fit without the hassle of complex installation processes.

Compatibility with MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock

These dampeners are specifically tailored for compatibility with the MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Whether you're a professional shooter or a firearms enthusiast, these dampeners are a must-have for enhancing the functionality and precision of your SRS-X Elite Buttstock.

Key Benefits and Features

By installing the MDT Rubber Dampeners, you'll experience improved gun stability, reduced recoil impact, and enhanced shooting precision. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making them a reliable and valuable addition to your shooting gear.


For shooters who prioritize accuracy and stability, the MDT Rubber Dampeners for SRS-X Elite Buttstock are an indispensable upgrade. Experience the difference in your shooting performance with these expertly designed dampeners, and gain the edge you need for precise and controlled shooting.

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