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MDT Accessories - NV Bridge, ACC Elite, BLK (107251-BLK)

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  • MDT NV Bridge for the ACC Elite in classic black (107251-BLK) is a sleek and sturdy accessory designed to enhance your night-time shooting experience. This mounting platform is engineered to support night vision devices, allowing for precision alignment with your optics. Its low-profile, all-black design ensures it blends seamlessly with your rifle, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic while providing the practicality required for demanding shooting scenarios. This NV Bridge is an essential piece of equipment for any shooter who values versatility and reliability in their tactical or nocturnal hunting setups.
  • MDT NV Bridge for the ACC Elite in black (107251-BLK) offers a robust and tactical mounting solution for night vision devices on precision rifles. Its rugged construction ensures durability and reliability under tough conditions. The design incorporates a full-length rail with multiple slots for a variety of mounting options, allowing for optimal positioning of night vision or other accessories. This NV Bridge is key for shooters who require the adaptability and precision that night-time operations demand, without compromising the rifle's balance or performance.
  • MDT NV Bridge for the ACC Elite, shown here in black (107251-BLK), is designed to offer a stable and adjustable mounting platform for night vision and other tactical accessories. Its angled profile is engineered for ergonomic use and easy access to the rail-mounted devices. The robust construction ensures a secure fit and reliable performance in various shooting conditions. This accessory is an excellent choice for precision shooters who need to quickly adapt their setup for nighttime or low-light environments, enhancing their capability to maintain high performance around the clock.
  • MDT NV Bridge for the ACC Elite in black (107251-BLK) is expertly positioned on the rifle's chassis, illustrating its seamless integration with the firearm. This tactical accessory provides a secure and elevated platform for night vision optics, allowing for clear sight lines and rapid targeting in low-light conditions. Its strategic placement ensures that it does not interfere with the rifle's ergonomics, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to your optics as needed. This NV Bridge is a crucial component for shooters who demand reliability and precision from their equipment in all lighting conditions.


MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge - Enhance Your Night Vision Capabilities

MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge - Precision Mounting for Night Vision and Thermal Devices

Introducing the MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge, a state-of-the-art Picatinny rail that offers unparalleled mounting capabilities for night vision, thermal imaging, and other tactical devices. Designed to bolt directly onto the top of the forend, this rail is the ultimate solution for shooters who demand accuracy and versatility in low-light conditions.

Exceptional Design and Build Quality

The MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge is engineered with precision to fit the MDT ACC Elite chassis forend seamlessly. It features a robust NATO Spec 0 MOA Picatinny rail, utilizing high-quality bolts and steel recoil dowel pins for a secure and reliable attachment. This meticulous design ensures stability and durability, enhancing your shooting experience.

Versatile Accessory Mounting

Whether you're a professional in tactical scenarios or a precision shooter, the flexibility to attach various accessories like night vision, thermal scopes, prisms, or periscopes is crucial. The MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge is your go-to platform for mounting a wide range of devices, ensuring you're always prepared, regardless of the environment or mission.

Mirage Mitigation for Clear Vision

One of the unique features of the MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge is its ability to mitigate mirage caused by barrel heat. This is especially useful during intense shooting sessions, where barrel heat can blur your target. The NV Bridge helps maintain a clear line of sight, giving you a tactical advantage.

Enhanced Customization and Compatibility

The NV Bridge's compatibility with other MDT accessories, like the Control Bridge, allows for extended coverage over your barrel. This feature not only enhances mirage mitigation but also provides additional real estate for mounting more accessories. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the pre-drilled holes and the inclusion of six screws and four dowels, ensuring a rigid and secure interface with your firearm.


The MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge is more than just a Picatinny rail; it's an essential upgrade for any shooter who values precision, versatility, and reliability in their equipment. With its superior design, versatility in mounting options, and exceptional mirage mitigation, the NV Bridge stands out as a top choice for enhancing your night vision and thermal imaging capabilities.

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