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MDT Accessories - NV Bridge, ACC Elite, FDE (107251-FDE)

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MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge FDE - Advanced Tactical Rail System

MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge FDE - The Ultimate Rail for Tactical Precision

Introducing the MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge in Flat Dark Earth (FDE), a robust and versatile Picatinny rail system designed for the modern marksman. This top-of-the-line rail is engineered to provide secure mounting options for night vision, thermal, and other tactical devices, ensuring you're always ready for any scenario.

Superior Design and Construction

The MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge FDE features a high-grade NATO Spec 0 MOA Picatinny rail. Its construction uses premium bolts and steel recoil dowel pins, offering a secure attachment to the MDT ACC Elite chassis forend. This design guarantees not only a perfect fit but also unparalleled durability and reliability in the field.

Enhanced Tactical Versatility

With the ability to attach a wide range of accessories such as night vision, thermal scopes, prisms, and periscopes, the MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge FDE offers unmatched versatility. Its compatibility with various tactical devices makes it an indispensable tool for law enforcement, military personnel, and precision shooters.

Effective Mirage Mitigation

Barrel heat can cause mirage, blurring your vision and affecting accuracy. The MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge FDE effectively mitigates this mirage, ensuring a clear view of your target, even in intense shooting conditions. Stay focused and on target with this innovative rail system.

Customization and Compatibility

Expand your tactical setup by stacking the NV Bridge FDE with other MDT accessories like the Control Bridge. This feature not only enhances mirage control but also provides additional space for more accessories. Installation is straightforward, using pre-drilled holes on the MDT ACC Elite forend. The included six screws and four dowels create a rigid and secure interface, perfect for demanding situations.


The MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge FDE is more than a Picatinny rail; it's a critical component for anyone serious about tactical precision. Its robust construction, versatile mounting options, and effective mirage mitigation make it a top choice for enhancing your night vision and thermal imaging capabilities. Equip your firearm with the MDT ACC Elite NV Bridge FDE and experience a new level of tactical efficiency.

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