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MDT Accessories - One Piece Interior Weight, ACC, Black (106723-BLK)

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  • The MDT One Piece Interior Weight for the ACC chassis system in black (106723-BLK) is engineered to be an integral part of your precision rifle setup. Its elongated, slim design suggests that it can be mounted within the chassis to increase the overall mass and reduce recoil without altering the rifle's external profile. This internal weight is specifically created to improve balance and handling characteristics, making it an essential component for competition shooters and enthusiasts who are looking to gain an edge in stability and accuracy. The black finish ensures it remains discreet within the chassis, maintaining the rifle's sleek appearance.
  • MDT One Piece Interior Weight for the ACC chassis system, shown here in black (106723-BLK), is designed to be installed within the body of a precision rifle chassis to subtly enhance stability and reduce recoil. This weight features pre-drilled holes for mounting, suggesting ease of installation and adjustability within the chassis. It's an essential upgrade for shooters looking to customize their rifle's balance for more consistent performance, particularly in competitive shooting environments where every detail can make a significant difference. The sleek black finish ensures it blends seamlessly with the rest of the rifle components.
  • MDT One Piece Interior Weight for the ACC chassis, featured in black (106723-BLK), is angled to display the attachment points that secure it inside the rifle chassis. This long, slender weight is crafted to slide into the chassis, providing increased heft and balance, which can help in stabilizing the rifle and reducing recoil. The simple, sleek design emphasizes functionality, ensuring it does not disrupt the rifle's ergonomics or aesthetics. This interior weight is a critical component for precision shooters who are fine-tuning their equipment for optimal performance.
  • MDT One Piece Interior Weight for the ACC chassis in black (106723-BLK). Its cylindrical design and sleek black finish indicate that it’s meant to be placed within the internal forend of the chassis to enhance the rifle's balance and stability. Such an addition is crucial for precision shooting, where the rifle's weight distribution can impact accuracy and recoil management. This weight is a discreet yet effective way to modify the handling characteristics of your rifle for improved performance.
  • MDT One Piece Interior Weight for the ACC chassis in black (106723-BLK) being slotted into place. This demonstrates how the weight integrates with the ACC chassis, suggesting its role in increasing the mass of the rifle for better balance and reduced recoil. The weight's linear form and the precision of its design ensure that it contributes to the overall stability of the rifle without adding unnecessary bulk or compromising the chassis structure.
  • MDT One Piece Interior Weight for the ACC chassis in black (106723-BLK), nested within the rifle chassis. This addition is designed to increase the rifle's internal weight, thereby enhancing stability and shooting precision. Its streamlined shape ensures it fits neatly within the chassis without altering the external dimensions or profile of the rifle, making it an ideal solution for shooters who want to maintain a specific look while customizing the weight and balance of their firearm.


MDT Accessories - One Piece Interior Weight, ACC, Black (106723-BLK)

MDT Accessories - One Piece Interior Weight, ACC, Black (106723-BLK)


Enhance the balance and performance of your MDT ACC Chassis System with the One Piece Interior Weight in Black. This precision rifle accessory offers a convenient alternative to the 5-piece internal weight set, designed for both the ACC Premier and Elite systems. With a weight of 2.5 lbs and dimensions measuring 15.75" x 1.5", this weight provides the perfect solution for optimizing your rifle's balance and stability.


The One Piece Interior Weight is compatible only with the MDT ACC Chassis Systems, ensuring a precise fit and easy installation. It serves as a versatile option to fine-tune your rifle's weight distribution and overall performance. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a precision rifle enthusiast, this interior weight allows you to customize your rifle's balance according to your specific needs.


Installing the One Piece Interior Weight is a breeze. It can be quickly added or removed through the ACC Premier's removable forend cap. This means you can make on-the-fly adjustments to achieve the ideal balance and stability for your shooting preferences. Whether you need more weight towards the front or rear of your rifle, this accessory gives you the flexibility to fine-tune your setup for peak performance.


The One Piece Interior Weight is crafted from high-quality mild steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Its liquid nitride finish not only adds a sleek black appearance but also provides corrosion resistance. You can trust that this weight will withstand the rigors of precision shooting and continue to enhance your rifle's accuracy and stability.


Whether you're participating in competitive shooting matches or honing your long-range precision skills, having the right balance in your rifle is crucial. The One Piece Interior Weight, weighing 2.5 lbs, gives you the ability to fine-tune your rifle's balance to match your shooting style and environmental conditions. Achieve greater stability and control, resulting in improved shot placement and overall performance.


By optimizing your rifle's balance with the One Piece Interior Weight, you'll experience enhanced accuracy and consistency in your shots. Whether you're engaging targets at various distances or in challenging conditions, having a well-balanced rifle can make a significant difference in your shooting experience.

Upgrade your MDT ACC Chassis System with the One Piece Interior Weight in Black (106723-BLK) and elevate your shooting performance to the next level. Fine-tune your rifle's balance, reduce recoil, and achieve greater accuracy with this precision accessory.

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