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MDT Accessories - Rear Bag Rider, M-LOK, Steel, BLK (103633-BLK)

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  • MDT Rear Bag Rider with an M-LOK interface, crafted from steel in black (103633-BLK), is designed for stability and precision in long-range shooting. This accessory is meant to provide a solid and steady rest on a rear support bag, improving the shooter's ability to maintain a level and stable shooting position. The steel construction ensures durability, while the black finish offers a sleek, professional look. The M-LOK attachment points allow for quick and secure mounting to compatible rifle chassis systems. This rear bag rider is a valuable addition for any shooter seeking to enhance accuracy through improved rifle support.
  • MDT Rear Bag Rider, compatible with M-LOK systems and made from steel in black (103633-BLK), is shown from a side angle, emphasizing its sleek contour and mounting hardware. This accessory is engineered to enhance stability for precision rifles by providing a smooth, consistent surface to ride a rear shooting bag. Its curvature is designed to make contact with a range of bag shapes, ensuring versatility and a reliable, steady positioning for long-range shooting sessions. The black finish not only adds to the visual appeal but also offers additional protection against the elements and wear.
  • MDT Rear Bag Rider in black, designed for M-LOK attachment systems (103633-BLK), is shown here attached to a rifle chassis. This bag rider is built to offer a stable and consistent rear support for precision shooting. It extends the surface area at the rear of the rifle, allowing for better contact and easier maneuvering on a rear shooting bag. The accessory is typically made of steel for durability and stability, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of repetitive use without degrading in performance. Its integration into the rifle's chassis system allows for quick adjustments and positioning to suit the shooter's needs.


MDT Accessories - Rear Bag Rider, M-LOK, Steel, BLK (103633-BLK)

MDT Accessories - Rear Bag Rider, M-LOK, Steel, BLK (103633-BLK)


Enhance the capabilities of your MDT buttstock with the Rear Bag Rider. This mil-spec Type II hard-black anodized aluminum accessory attaches to M-LOK compatible buttstocks, offering a 5-inch surface for improved interaction with rear bags and more linear recoil characteristics. Its rounded profile reduces snagging, and it's designed to match the underside of MDT buttstocks. Upgrade your shooting experience with this slim and durable bag rider.


The Rear Bag Rider is a mil-spec Type II hard-black anodized aluminum accessory that attaches to M-LOK compatible buttstocks. Its design includes a rounded profile to reduce snagging on bags and gear, and it provides 5 inches of available length for better interaction with various bags. The angle of the bag rider matches the underside of MDT buttstocks, offering a flat, horizontal surface that aids in linear recoil.


  • Compatible with M-LOK mounting systems commonly found on buttstocks like the MDT ESS and SRS V5 (and newer)
  • 5-inch surface for improved interaction with rear bags, allowing for more in-line recoil characteristics
  • Rounded front and side surfaces to reduce snagging and catching
  • Slim profile that matches up with buttstock width
  • No rear overhang to interfere with LOP or buttpad adjustments
  • Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Mil-spec Type II hard anodized finish for durability
  • Weight: 0.215lb (Aluminum) and 0.440lb (Steel)
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Stainless Steel
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