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MDT Accessories - Send iT MV3 M-Lok Mount Assembly (107502-BLK)

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  • MDT Send iT MV3 M-Lok Mount Assembly in black (107502-BLK) is a specialized mounting solution designed to securely attach the Send iT electronic level to an M-Lok slot on a precision rifle chassis. This compact and sturdy mount provides a low-profile base for the level, ensuring it is held firmly in place without interfering with the rifle’s ergonomics or sight line. Its minimalist design focuses on utility and ease of use, providing a reliable and straightforward attachment point for enhanced shooting accuracy.
  • MDT Send iT MV3 electronic level equipped with an M-Lok Mount Assembly in black (107502-BLK), illustrating a practical and sleek setup for precision shooting. The electronic level ensures the rifle is perfectly leveled before each shot, which is crucial for accuracy, especially at long ranges. The mount assembly allows for secure and easy attachment to any M-Lok compatible chassis system, positioning the device for clear visibility and quick reference by the shooter. This setup represents a blend of advanced technology with user-friendly design, enhancing the shooting experience by providing essential data in an efficient manner.
  • MDT Send iT MV3 M-Lok Mount Assembly in black (107502-BLK) from a front perspective. The mount assembly is designed to securely attach the Send iT electronic level to a firearm with an M-Lok rail system. The central hole is likely where the level device is inserted, and the mount's design ensures a low-profile, snug fit that avoids snagging and maintains the sleek lines of the rifle. The black anodized finish provides durability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in a variety of shooting environments.


MDT Accessories - Send iT MV3 M-Lok Mount Assembly (107502-BLK)

MDT Accessories - Send iT MV3 M-Lok Mount Assembly (107502-BLK)

Long Range Arms, founded by a group of passionate shooters in 2016, introduced the groundbreaking Send iT Electronic Level. The inspiration for this innovation emerged from a discussion about the limitations of traditional spirit levels, leading to a simple yet revolutionary idea: "What if we could keep our eyes on the target at all times?"

The original Send iT Electronic Level made its debut after a year of rigorous design, testing, and incorporation of valuable feedback. More recent iterations, like the Send iT - MV3, have surpassed the original model. Unlike traditional bubble levels that require time for the bubble to settle and constant monitoring, the MDT LRA SEND iT - MV3 boasts LEDs that react 3-5 seconds faster, providing rapid and easily visible level readings.

One remarkable feature of the Send iT - MV3 is its adjustable sensitivity, offering five settings to cater to the precision demands of various shooting scenarios. Now, you can assess your rifle's level and make necessary adjustments without diverting your gaze from the target. The LED indicators are conveniently positioned within your peripheral vision, and their brightness can be customized for optimal visibility in both bright daylight and low-light conditions.

The MDT LRA SEND iT - MV3 is engineered for versatility, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your rifle setup. The Picatinny mount can be flipped for both left and right side mounting or can be detached to accommodate optional mounting accessories, allowing you to position it precisely where you need it for the ultimate shooting experience.

What sets the MDT LRA SEND iT - MV3 apart is its calibration on 12 axes, guaranteeing precise readings regardless of your firing angle. This level of accuracy is unattainable with traditional mechanical or spirit shooting levels. Embrace cutting-edge technology and elevate your shooting prowess with the MDT LRA SEND iT - MV3 M-Lok Mount Assembly.

Experience unmatched speed, accuracy, and convenience in maintaining your rifle's level, all while keeping your focus squarely on the target. Join the ranks of precision shooters who trust Long Range Arms to deliver game-changing innovations for the modern marksman.

For more information and to purchase the MDT Accessories - Send iT MV3 M-Lok Mount Assembly (107502-BLK), visit our website today.

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