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MDT Chassis - Field Stock - Remington 700, LA, RH (108647-BLK)

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  • MDT Chassis Field Stock Remington 700, LA, RH (108647-BLK) - black chassis with ergonomic design, adjustable cheek riser, and M-LOK slots.
  • MDT Chassis Field Stock Remington 700, LA, RH (108647-BLK) - black chassis with scope, adjustable cheek riser, M-LOK slots, emphasizing stability and precision for field use.
  • Close-up of MDT Chassis Field Stock for Remington 700, LA, RH (108647-BLK) - black stock with adjustable cheek riser and ergonomic grip for stability and customization.
  • Close-up of MDT Chassis Field Stock for Remington 700, LA, RH (108647-BLK) - black chassis with MDT logo, precise machining, and ergonomic design for field use.
  • Close-up of the forend of MDT Chassis Field Stock for Remington 700, LA, RH (108647-BLK) - black forend with M-LOK slots for accessory attachment, showcasing its robust and modular design.
  • MDT Chassis Field Stock Remington 700, LA, RH (108647-BLK) - black chassis with scope, adjustable cheek riser, ergonomic stock, and M-LOK slots, designed for stability and precision in field use.

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MDT Field Stock Chassis System, Long Action: Enhance Your Shooting Accuracy and Comfort

Overview: Precision Meets Comfort

The MDT Field Stock Chassis System is designed to transform your factory rifle into a more precise and comfortable shooting platform. Ideal for cold weather environments, the traditionally shaped polymer stock offers warmth and a snug grip, while the aluminum v-block bedding enhances accuracy by ensuring a stable, free-floating barrel setup. This combination not only improves shot consistency but also makes the Field Stock a top choice for serious hunters and competitive shooters alike.

Key Features and Benefits

Comfort and Configuration

The Field Stock chassis is highly versatile, allowing shooters to configure their setup for any shooting discipline. It comes equipped with sling swivel studs and an M-LOK forend, making it easy to attach various accessories. Whether you are preparing for a backcountry hunt with a sling and bipod or setting up in a shooting blind with an ARCA rail and tripod, this chassis adapts to your needs. The overmolded polymer body is not only durable but also warm to the touch, making it ideal for lengthy sessions in chilly environments.

Precision Engineering

One of the standout features of the Field Stock is its aluminum v-block bedding system. This system uses a precision-machined, tapered V-shaped block that locks the rifle's action firmly within the chassis. This secure fit minimizes movement during firing, drastically improving accuracy and stability. Whether you're targeting distant game or competing in long-range shooting events, the v-block bedding is crucial for maintaining consistent shot placement.

Enhanced Adjustability

Adjustability is critical in achieving the perfect shooting posture, and the Field Stock delivers on this front. The adjustable buttstock cheek riser and length of pull spacers ensure that you can maintain a consistent head position for optimal scope alignment. These adjustments help shooters find targets quicker and achieve a more repeatable shooting position, enhancing overall performance.

Simple Installation

Upgrading your rifle with the Field Stock is straightforward and requires no complex gunsmithing. Simply drop your action into the chassis and secure it with two screws. This ease of installation means you can quickly enhance your rifle's performance without the need for professional help.

Compatibility and Specifications

Compatible Models

  • Remington 700 Short Action
  • Ruger American Short Action
  • Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard Short Action

All compatible models use Short Action AICS pattern magazines, ensuring ample ammunition capacity for various shooting activities.

Technical Specifications

  • Materials/Finish: 6061 aluminum core with an overmolded polymer
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs (varies slightly by rifle model)
  • Length of Pull Adjustment: 13.5" - 14.5" via 1/4" spacers
  • Magazine Compatibility: AICS magazines
  • Overall Length: 32.22"
  • Max Barrel Diameter: 1.250"
  • Cheek Riser Height Adjustment: 1.370"

The MDT Field Stock Chassis System is a comprehensive upgrade that combines comfort, adjustability, and precision engineering to enhance your shooting accuracy and comfort. Whether for hunting, competition, or casual use, this chassis system is designed to elevate your shooting experience.

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