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Micron Precision

Micron Precision Series - Bushing Sizer Die, 6.5mm PRC (7-6.5 PRCW Compatible)

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Micron Precision Die Series


Micron Precision Die Series by Bullet Central. We are proud to announce the new Micron Precision Die Series. After over 40 years of rifle competition, we have used resizing dies from many manufacturers. We have found that most commercially available dies will not let you take full advantage of the potential of reloading for accuracy.

Common problems that constantly frustrate shooters are:

  1. Over or under-sizing brass cases cause "clicking" on extraction, catastrophic case failure, work-hardening your brass, and ultimately unnecessarily shortened life.
  2. Poor manufacturing processes result in case concentricity issues. It is rare to find a die that will size brass straight. This is essential for concentric bullet contact in the throat of the chamber.
  3. Bushing dies that don't allow full sizing of the neck. In some cases, partial neck sizing is desirable, but with the Micron Series, you can at least customize this aspect.
  4. Die chambers are not concentric with the threads and, therefore, the press ram.
  5. Lock rings are not square to the die threads, resulting in misalignment to the press.
  6. The internal surface of the die chamber is poorly finished, causing scratches on the brass.
  7. Often, the reamers used to make the dies are outside specification relative to the chamber dimensions, resulting in improper forming of the sized brass.

Our History in Die Making

We have made sizing dies for several years, which are used by the most particular shooting professionals worldwide. With the Micron Series, we decided to redesign the dies and make them 100% in-house to our specifications. To this end, we have invested significantly in state-of-the-art machinery that will allow us to control the process from beginning to end, bringing you what we believe is a sizing die without equal.

The Micron Precision Die Series Features:

  1. Custom-sized die bodies for each caliber. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. This allows for the sizing of the entire neck if desired. The reloader can also choose a die cap that will allow for partial neck sizing if needed.
  2. Our CNC machinery and processes allow for the industry's highest level of straightness and precision.
  3. A brand new Die-Loc lock-ring system that allows for two perfectly machined rings to come together and hold the die perpendicular to the top of the press and not be misaligned, as often is the case with a single lock ring.
  4. After all the CNC processes, every Micron Precision Die is finished by hand, inspected, and sent out for nitride hardening. Once hardened, the dies are individually polished and checked again before being ready for sale.

In conclusion, these dies are proven by the world's best rifle competitors. From Benchrest to Barricades, your investment in a Micron Precision Die will give you the peace of mind that your brass is cared for after each firing. One of the most essential items in your reloading setup is your sizing die. We want to be your choice.

Additional Die Information

  1. They are designed to size the entire case body up to the 0.200" line based on SAAMI & CIP standard chamber dimensions. Case springback is factored into the amount the die resizes, using customized sizes for every cartridge. This is a different but more consistent method than sending in fired brass to have a die made.
  2. The shoulder bump is adjusted by moving the die up or down in the press; we do not recommend bottoming out the die on a shell holder and using a standard bump number! Since a reamer is used to cut the die chamber, the angles on the shoulder neck & body junctions will match the SAAMI & CIP designated angles, giving that brass a tighter unimpeded chamber fit.
  3. Necks are sized using a 0.5" standard neck bushing (we recommend our bushing because it is as straight as they get); this allows you to tune
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Additional Information

6.5mm PRC
Stainless Steel
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