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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - 223 Rem. 55gr Tipstrike-Varmint, 20157352 (Box of 20)

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Norma Ammunition - 223 Rem. 55gr Tipstrike-Varmint (Box of 20): Unmatched Precision for Varmint Hunting * Precision Varmint Hunting: Elevate your varmint hunting game with Norma Ammunition's 223 Rem. 55gr Tipstrike-Varmint rounds. Designed for precision and stopping power, these rounds excel in varmint control. * Innovative Tipstrike Design: The Tipstrike-Varmint bullet features an innovative design that ensures controlled expansion upon impact. This design delivers optimal energy transfer, enhancing the chances of swift, humane kills. * Reliable Penetration: The Tipstrike-Varmint bullet's unique construction ensures reliable penetration, making these rounds ideal for eliminating pests efficiently and effectively. * Enhanced Ballistic Profile: Norma's commitment to precision is evident in the enhanced ballistic profile of the Tipstrike-Varmint bullet. Enjoy remarkable accuracy even at extended ranges and challenging conditions. * Precision Manufacturing: Norma's legacy of precision craftsmanship shines through in every aspect of these rounds. Each bullet is manufactured to strict specifications, ensuring consistent weight, dimensions, and performance. * Versatility in Applications: These rounds are versatile, excelling in both varmint hunting and precision shooting scenarios. Experience the confidence that comes with using ammunition optimized for accuracy and performance. * Convenient 20-Round Box: Each box contains 20 rounds of 223 Rem. 55gr Tipstrike-Varmint ammunition, providing ample supply for varmint hunting, target practice, and more. Why Choose Norma: * Legacy of Excellence: With a rich history spanning decades, Norma Ammunition is synonymous with quality and precision. Their dedication to excellence ensures that each round meets the highest standards. * Unparalleled Performance: Norma's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship guarantees that their ammunition performs exceptionally in various shooting scenarios. Experience the Difference: Elevate your varmint hunting experience with Norma 223 Rem. 55gr Tipstrike-Varmint ammo. Whether you're seeking precision on the range or targeting pests, these rounds are engineered to deliver unmatched accuracy and stopping power. Order your box of 20 rounds today and experience the precision and performance that Norma Ammunition is known for. Enhance your shooting potential and achieve humane, efficient varmint control with ammunition designed for excellence.
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.223 Remington
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