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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - 270 Win 140gr Tipstrike, 20169292 (Box of 20)

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Norma Ammunition: 270 Win 140gr Tipstrike Overview

Norma Ammunition: 270 Win 140gr Tipstrike - A Legacy of Performance

Since its inception by Winchester in 1925, the .270 Winchester cartridge has etched its name into the annals of hunting lore. Developed from a .30-06 case necked down to a .277" bullet, this cartridge introduced unmatched long-range performance for its time, quickly becoming a global favorite among hunters.

The .270 Winchester's Rise to Prominence

The .270 Winchester's journey to becoming one of the most celebrated hunting cartridges was significantly influenced by Jack OÕConnor, a renowned gunwriter whose advocacy for the cartridge spread its fame throughout the English-speaking hunting communities. Its blend of flat trajectory and manageable recoil with the standard 130 grain bullet made it a preferred choice for hunting medium to large game, including mule deer and, in certain conditions, elk.

Performance and Versatility

Norma's 270 Win 140gr Tipstrike embodies the cartridge's storied history with modern manufacturing excellence. This ammunition is designed for hunters seeking reliable performance across a range of conditions. With its Tipstrike bullet, the ammunition offers a combination of flat trajectory, high muzzle velocity, and controlled expansion, making it ideal for medium to large game.

Application in Hunting

While the .270 Winchester has been subject to debate regarding its suitability for larger game like elk, the consensus among experienced hunters is that with proper bullet selection, such as the 140gr Tipstrike, and precise shot placement, it can be an effective choice. The cartridgeÕs versatility extends to varmint hunting when loaded with 100 grain bullets, showcasing its adaptability to various hunting scenarios.


The Norma 270 Win 140gr Tipstrike continues the .270 Winchester's legacy, offering hunters a cartridge that combines historical significance with cutting-edge performance. Its ability to deliver deadly precision at normal hunting ranges makes it a timeless choice for hunters around the world.

Embrace the legacy and modern performance of the .270 Winchester with Norma's 270 Win 140gr Tipstrike for your next hunting adventure.

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