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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - 30-06 150gr PSP Norma WHITETAIL, 20177392 (Box of 20)

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  • Box of Norma WHITETAIL 30-06 Springfield ammunition with 150 grain PSP bullets, containing 20 rounds. The packaging features a detailed image of a whitetail deer, emphasizing the ammunition's precision and effectiveness for hunting large game. The product number 20177392 is displayed on the box, set against a smoky gray background with the BulletCentral.com logo at the top, targeted at hunters seeking reliable performance.
  • The image you provided features a box of Norma Whitetail ammunition in the .30-06 Springfield caliber, each loaded with a 150-grain Pointed Soft Point (PSP) bullet. This ammunition is specifically marketed for hunting white-tailed deer, which is emphasized by the artwork on the box featuring a deer. The .30-06 Springfield is a versatile and widely used cartridge that is effective for hunting a variety of large game across significant distances. The PSP bullet design combines aerodynamics for accuracy and a soft point for controlled expansion upon impact, making it an excellent choice for ensuring clean and ethical kills.
  • Two 30-06 Springfield Norma WHITETAIL bullets with 150 grain PSP (Pointed Soft Point) weight, displayed side by side. These bullets feature polished brass casings and copper tips, designed for enhanced performance in hunting large game such as deer, with deep penetration and controlled expansion. The image highlights the precision and aerodynamic build of the bullets, ensuring accurate and effective shots.
  • The image shows a 30-06 Springfield cartridge loaded with a 150-grain Pointed Soft Point (PSP) bullet, specifically the Norma Whitetail line of ammunition. The 30-06 is a popular choice for hunting because of its effectiveness at long ranges and its versatility in hunting various game sizes, including deer, as suggested by the "Whitetail" branding. The PSP design is particularly effective for hunting, as it offers both reliable penetration and expansion upon impact, which is crucial for ensuring a quick and humane kill. This type of bullet is designed to maintain its trajectory over long distances while causing significant damage upon impact, making it a preferred choice for hunters targeting medium to large game.


Norma Ammunition Review: 30-06 150gr PSP Norma WHITETAIL (Box of 20)

Introduction to Norma 30-06 Whitetail Ammunition

Norma's 30-06 Springfield 150gr Pointed Soft Point (PSP) Whitetail ammunition offers an affordable and highly effective solution tailored for hunters targeting a diverse range of game. This ammunition combines precision, power, and reliability, making it a top choice for hunters across various environments.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 30-06 Springfield
  • Bullet Type: Pointed Soft Point (PSP)
  • Bullet Weight: 150 grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2887 feet per second (fps)
  • Muzzle Energy: 2770 foot-pounds (ft lbs)
  • Casing Material: Brass
  • Application: Hunting
  • UPC: 7393923325323
  • MPN: 20177392
  • Item Condition: New

Key Features of Norma 30-06 PSP Whitetail Ammunition

  • Optimized Soft Point Bullet: The soft point bullet design is optimized for the most common hunting distances, featuring an exposed lead tip for rapid expansion upon impact. This maximizes stopping power by creating significant wound channels for quick and humane kills.
  • Consistent Accuracy: The flat-based bullet construction ensures consistent accuracy with every shot, crucial for reliable performance in hunting scenarios.
  • High-Quality Reloadable Cases: Each round is encased in premium brass, made from a blend of high-quality copper and zinc. This not only ensures durability and longevity of the shell casing but also allows for multiple reloads, providing great value for handloaders.

Versatility and Effectiveness

Norma Whitetail ammunition is designed to be versatile enough to handle a wide assortment of game, from deer to larger animals, thanks to its powerful ballistics and engineered design. The 30-06 Springfield caliber is especially well-suited for medium to large game hunting, providing the necessary power to ensure effective performance across typical hunting ranges.

Ideal for Diverse Hunting Applications

Whether you are pursuing game in dense brush or open plains, Norma's 30-06 Springfield ammunition is crafted to perform. Its proven effectiveness and adaptability make it a favored choice among hunters who require a reliable and potent ammunition for a successful hunt.


Norma's 30-06 150gr PSP Whitetail ammunition stands out in the crowded market of hunting ammo with its blend of affordability, accuracy, and stopping power. Designed to meet the needs of hunters around the globe, this ammunition provides the assurance of performance needed to tackle a successful season. Equip yourself with Norma Whitetail for your next hunting adventure and experience the difference in quality and effectiveness.

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