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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - 308 Win 150gr PSP Norma WHITETAIL, 20177382 (Box of 20)

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  • Box of Norma WHITETAIL 308 Winchester ammunition with 150 grain PSP bullets, containing 20 rounds. The packaging showcases a vivid image of a whitetail deer, emphasizing the ammunition's precision for deer hunting. The product number 20177382 is noted on the box, set against a smoky gray backdrop with the BulletCentral.com logo at the top, appealing to hunters seeking reliable and effective performance.
  • The image depicts a box of Norma Whitetail ammunition, specifically .308 Winchester cartridges with a 150-grain Pointed Soft Point (PSP) bullet. This ammunition is designed for hunting, particularly suitable for medium to large game such as deer, as suggested by the "Whitetail" name and the imagery on the box. The .308 Winchester is well-known for its excellent ballistics, effective range, and versatility in hunting different game sizes. The PSP bullet type is favored for its balance between penetration and expansion, making it a good choice for ensuring a humane kill by creating a broad wound channel without over-penetration.
  • Two 308 Winchester Norma WHITETAIL bullets with 150 grain PSP (Pointed Soft Point) weight, displayed side by side. These bullets feature polished brass casings and copper tips, designed for optimal performance in deer hunting with deep penetration and controlled expansion. The image highlights the precise engineering and sleek design of the bullets, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness for hunters.
  • image shows a single cartridge of Norma Whitetail ammunition, specifically the .308 Winchester caliber with a 150-grain Pointed Soft Point (PSP) bullet. This type of ammunition is widely used for hunting, particularly for deer and similar sized game. The PSP bullet design combines a sharp tip for better ballistic performance and a soft point for controlled expansion upon impact, which enhances its effectiveness for a clean, ethical kill. The .308 Winchester cartridge is known for its accuracy and effectiveness at various ranges, making it a popular choice among hunters.


Norma Ammunition Review: 308 Win 150gr PSP Norma WHITETAIL (Box of 20)

Introduction to Norma 308 Win Whitetail Ammunition

Norma's 308 Winchester 150gr Pointed Soft Point (PSP) Whitetail ammunition offers an affordable yet highly effective solution for hunting a diverse range of game. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this ammunition is tailored for hunters looking for top performance without breaking the bank.

Product Specifications

  • Bullet Type: Pointed Soft Point
  • Caliber: .308 Winchester
  • Bullet Weight: 150 grains
  • Ammo Caliber/Gauge: 308 WIN
  • Ammo Type: Rifle
  • Product Type: Ammunition
  • UPC: 7393923325316
  • MPN: 20177382
  • Item Condition: New

Features and Performance

  • Soft Point Bullet Design: The soft point bullet maximizes accuracy and stopping power at common hunting distances. Its exposed lead tip allows for rapid expansion upon impact, which maximizes stopping power by creating a large wound channel.
  • Consistent Accuracy: The flat-based bullet ensures that each shot is consistent, providing the precision required for successful hunting.
  • Premium Reloadable Cases: Each cartridge is encased in high-quality brass made from a blend of copper and zinc, enhancing durability and allowing for multiple reloads which adds value for handloaders.

Versatility and Reliability

Norma Whitetail ammunition is available in the most popular hunting calibers, ensuring that hunters can find the right ammo for their specific needs. The .308 Winchester is particularly versatile, suitable for medium to large game, and is renowned for its balance between power and manageable recoil.

Ideal for Diverse Hunting Needs

Whether targeting deer in dense forests or larger game in open fields, the Norma 308 Win 150gr PSP provides the performance necessary for a variety of hunting scenarios. This ammunition is designed to function reliably under various environmental conditions, ensuring that hunters can depend on it when the moment of truth arrives.


With its combination of affordability, precision, and powerful performance, Norma's 308 Win 150gr PSP Whitetail ammunition is an excellent choice for hunters seeking effective and reliable ammunition. The quality components and careful manufacturing ensure that each round delivers the expected performance, making it a preferred option for hunters around the world. Stock up on Norma Whitetail and prepare for a successful hunting season with ammunition that won't let you down.

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.308 Winchester
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