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Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge - 6.5 PRC (Box of 50)

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Dominate Precision Shooting with Peterson's 6.5 PRC Brass

Unlock Your Shooting Potential with Peterson Cartridge's 6.5 PRC Brass

Introducing the 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) by Peterson Cartridge, a revolutionary development in long-range shooting. Born from the expertise of George Gardner of G.A. Precision and inspired by the Ruger Compact Magnum case, the 6.5 PRC has quickly ascended the ranks in both competitive shooting and big game hunting circles.

A Cartridge That Bridges the Gap

The 6.5 PRC is celebrated for its ability to combine the high-velocity performance of magnum cartridges with the reduced powder use and lower recoil. Whether you're aiming to excel in Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competitions or seeking a reliable cartridge for big game hunting, the 6.5 PRC is designed to meet the demands of the most discerning shooters.

Engineered for Excellence

Derek Peterson, President of Peterson Cartridge, highlights the 6.5 PRC's suitability for PRS competition, allowing shooters to maximize their performance while adhering to the speed limits. Similarly, big game hunters will find the 6.5 PRC an efficient choice for achieving the ballistic advantages of larger magnums without the typical drawbacks.

Why Choose Peterson Cartridge's 6.5 PRC Brass?

  • Consistency and Durability: Engineered with Peterson Cartridge's hallmark precision, offering consistent internal volume and robust construction for reliable performance.
  • Optimal Velocity: Designed to achieve velocities just under the 3,200 FPS limit for PRS, making it a top choice for competitors.
  • Reduced Recoil: Enjoy the benefits of magnum-level performance with noticeably less recoil, enhancing shooter comfort and accuracy.

Safe and Responsible Use

Peterson Cartridge emphasizes the importance of using 6.5 PRC casings in firearms that are specifically designed, marked, and chambered for this cartridge. Adherence to these guidelines ensures a safe and enjoyable shooting experience, allowing you to focus on achieving your best performance.

Experience the difference with Peterson Cartridge's 6.5 PRC brass and elevate your shooting to new heights. Whether for competition or hunting, trust Peterson to provide the quality and performance you need to succeed.

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6.5mm PRC
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