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PMA Bore Guide, Remington/Kelbly 6PPC

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  • PMA Bore Guide for Remington and Kelbly 6PPC, featuring a black and blue design with a pointed tip and ridged handle, on a white background.
  • PMA Bore Guide for Remington and Kelbly 6PPC, black color, elongated design with vented sides, displayed on a contrasting red and blue background.
  • PMA Bore Guide set for Remington and Kelbly 6PPC, featuring a long black guide and a shorter blue adjustment tool, both laid on a white background for clear visibility.
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PMA Bore Guide for Remington/Kelbly 6PPC: Optimize Your Rifle Maintenance


The PMA Bore Guide for rifles chambered in 22 or 6mm PPC, 6mm ARC, and 220 Swift is the ultimate tool for ensuring precise and thorough cleaning of your precision rifles. Designed to fit actions with a bolt diameter between .695" and .700", this guide is compatible with popular models such as Remington 700/40X, Kelbly, Borden, Savage, Winchester, and many more.

Superior Design and Materials

CNC Lathe Turned Black Delrin

The PMA Bore Guide is crafted from black Delrin, a material chosen for its non-staining and non-discoloring properties compared to white Delrin. This ensures the guide remains clean and professional-looking even after repeated use.

Integral Solvent Port

Strategically machined to optimal size, the integral solvent port is designed to facilitate easy application of cleaning solvents without spillage, positioned to avoid interference with the scope eyepiece for most rifles.

Enhanced Functionality

Red Silicone O-Rings

The guide features red silicone o-rings, selected for their durability against solvents and easy visibility against the black body of the guide. This design helps quickly identify wear and tear, ensuring timely maintenance or replacement.

Aluminum Rod Guide Insert

The aluminum insert allows for a tighter tolerance on the inside diameter, providing robust support for the cleaning rod. The end of the insert features a sharp, clean knurl, making it easy to pull out of the guide. The use of aluminum also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal with a beautiful blue color.

Dual O-Ring Insert

Unlike standard single o-ring designs, the PMA guide includes a dual o-ring setup that reduces wobble inside the guide. This stability is crucial for keeping the cleaning rod straight, enhancing the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Product Specifications

  • Overall Length: 12.25 inches
  • Material: Black Delrin
  • Compatible Bolt Diameter: .695" to .700"
  • Features: Integral solvent port, laser-marked positive engravings, dual o-ring insert
  • Compatibility: Fits Remington 700/40X, Kelbly, Borden, Savage, Winchester, Impact, most Defiance and Zermatt (Bighorn) actions, Christensen Arms, Weatherby Varmintmaster, and more.

Packaging and Additional Information

  • Clear Reusable Packaging: The bore guide comes in a telescoping plastic tube, commonly used for transporting high-value tools. This packaging is not only protective but also reusable and transparent, allowing for easy visibility of the guide's markings.


For rifle enthusiasts who demand precision in every aspect of their equipment maintenance, the PMA Bore Guide for Remington/Kelbly 6PPC offers a superior solution. With its meticulously designed features and high-quality materials, this bore guide enhances the cleaning routine, ensuring your rifle performs at its best. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a hunting aficionado, this tool will help maintain the pristine condition and accuracy of your prized firearms.

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Additional Information

6mm PPC
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