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PMA Rod Guide Remington / Kelbly- 308 - bolt diameter between .695" and .705". Including Kelbly, Remington 700/40X, Savage and Winchester

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  • PMA Rod Guide designed for use with Remington, Kelbly, Savage, and Winchester rifles, particularly models like the Remington 700/40X, tailored for a bolt diameter between .695" and .705" and compatible with .308 caliber. The guide is displayed with a sleek black finish, alongside a blue adjustment tool marked with red bands, illustrating the precision tools used for accurate cleaning and maintenance of rifle barrels, ensuring protection against wear and maintaining firearm accuracy.
  • PMA Rod Guide specifically crafted for use with various rifles including Kelbly, Remington 700/40X, Savage, and Winchester, ideal for a bolt diameter between .695" and .705" and designed for .308 caliber. This guide is shown against a vibrant red background, highlighting its sleek black finish. It is an essential tool for protecting the rifle's bore during cleaning, ensuring that the cleaning rod aligns perfectly without contacting the barrel's interior surfaces.
  • Displayed on a red background, the PMA Rod Guide is tailored for use with rifles such as Kelbly, Remington 700/40X, Savage, and Winchester, specifically for .308 caliber with bolt diameters between .695" and .705". This guide ensures precise alignment and protection of the bore during cleaning, featuring a dark olive green body with one blue insert. Text on the image notes that the actual rod guide may vary, highlighting the guide's adaptability to different models within the specified specifications.
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PMA Rod Guide for Remington/Kelbly - 308 and More: Precision and Durability in One Tool


Designed for the discerning shooter, the PMA Rod Guide is meticulously crafted to cater to rifles chambered in 308, 30-06, 270Win, 280Rem, 30BR, 7mm-08, 7mm BR, among others. This guide is compatible with actions having a bolt diameter between .695" and .700", including popular models like Remington 700/40X, Kelbly, Savage, and Winchester.

Superior Construction

Constructed from CNC lathe-turned black Delrin, the PMA Rod Guide is engineered to resist staining and discoloration unlike its white Delrin counterparts, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Overall Length: 12.25 inches, optimized for ease of use and compatibility.
  • Integral Solvent Port: Strategically sized and positioned to avoid interference with the scope eyepiece, facilitating easy and mess-free application of solvents.
  • Laser Marked Positive Identifications: Durable laser markings filled with paint for visibility, designed to withstand wear over time unlike stickers or temporary marks.

Advanced Design

  • Red Silicone O-Rings: Selected for their superior resistance to solvents and distinct visibility against the black Delrin body, these o-rings signal wear and tear promptly, ensuring maintenance needs are easily noticeable.
  • Aluminum Rod Guide Insert: Precision-machined to maintain tight tolerances on the inner diameter, this insert supports the cleaning rod perfectly and includes a knurled end for easy removal.
  • Dual O-Ring Insert: Enhances stability and reduces wobble, ensuring the cleaning rod remains as straight as possible during use.

Compatibility and Usability

The PMA Rod Guide fits a wide range of bolt action rifles, including those from Impact, Defiance, Zermatt (Bighorn), Christensen Arms, and Weatherby Varmintmaster. Its design is aimed at universal applicability to rifles with bolt diameters from .695" to .700", making it a versatile choice for many shooters.


  • Clear Reusable Packaging: Utilizing telescoping plastic tubes similar to those used for high-value cutting tools, this packaging not only protects the rod guide during transport but also serves as a durable storage solution, allowing the markings on the rod guide to remain visible.


Whether you are maintaining rifles for precision shooting competitions or regular hunting trips, the PMA Rod Guide offers a robust and precision-focused solution that enhances the cleaning process, preserving the integrity and performance of your firearm. With its superior materials, thoughtful design, and broad compatibility, this rod guide is an essential tool for any serious rifle owner. If uncertain about compatibility, PMA encourages customers to reach out for personalized assistance.

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