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Redding .246" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73246

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Redding .246" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73246

Redding .246" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73246

Enhance your reloading precision with the Redding .246" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing. Crafted from heat-treated steel with meticulous hand-polished sizing diameters, this bushing offers superior performance and reduced sizing effort.

Key Features:

  • Heat-Treated Steel: Constructed from heat-treated steel, this neck sizing bushing provides exceptional durability and reliability.
  • Hand-Polished Sizing Diameters: The sizing diameters are carefully hand-polished, boasting a surface hardness of Rc 60-62. This results in smoother and easier cartridge sizing.
  • Precision Sizing: Available in sizes ranging from .185" to .368" in precise .001" increments, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your reloading needs.
  • Determining Bushing Size: Easily determine the correct bushing diameter by measuring the neck diameter of loaded or dummy cartridges with an accurate micrometer. Subtract 0.001" from the cartridge with the smallest average measurement for a proper press fit.
  • Alternative Sizing Methods: Another sizing method involves measuring the neck wall thickness of cartridge cases with a ball-type or tubing micrometer. Double this measurement and add the bullet diameter to calculate the neck diameter of a loaded cartridge. Subtract 0.001" to determine your desired bushing size.
  • For New Cases: If using new cases, you can measure the neck diameter by seating boat-tail bullets in a few cases. Generally, new cases have a small enough neck diameter to hold a bullet without sizing. As a last resort, measure neck wall thickness with a caliper, though it may require multiple attempts for accuracy.
  • Uniform Neck Wall Thickness: Effective bushing sizing requires cases with a fairly uniform neck wall thickness or neck turning. If the thickness varies more than 0.002", consider using a slightly smaller bushing size and a size button in the die for the final inside neck diameter.

Elevate your reloading experience with the Redding .246" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73246. Achieve consistent and efficient cartridge sizing, whether you're a seasoned reloader or just starting out.

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