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Redding .266" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73266

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Redding .266" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73266

Redding .266" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73266

Refine your reloading process with the Redding .266" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing (73266), a vital tool for achieving the perfect amount of neck tension in your cartridges. Trusted by precision reloaders, this bushing is essential for customizing case neck sizing for optimal bullet seating and performance.

Optimized for Compatibility and Precision

Designed to freely interchange in all Redding Bushing Style Sizing Dies, this bushing is crafted from heat-treated steel, ensuring durability and consistent performance.

Versatile Sizing Options

Available in .001" size increments from .185" through .368", the Redding Neck Sizing Bushings cover a wide range of calibers, from .17 to .338, making them suitable for various reloading needs.

Accurate Bushing Selection

To select the appropriate bushing size, measure the neck diameter of several loaded or dummy cartridges with a precision micrometer and subtract .001" to .002" from the average neck diameter for optimal sizing.

Enhanced Bullet Holding

By choosing the correct bushing size, you can achieve the right amount of neck tension to securely hold the bullet without excessive resizing, enhancing the accuracy and consistency of your reloads.

Reliable Reloading with Redding

With nearly 80 years of experience, Redding has been a leader in the reloading equipment market, offering high-quality dies, presses, and accessories tailored for various firearms.

Product Specifications

  • Size: .266 Inches
  • Material: Heat-Treated Steel
  • Compatibility: All Redding Bushing Style Sizing Dies
  • Size Range: .185" through .368"
  • Caliber Coverage: .17 to .338
  • Part Number: 73266


The Redding .266" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing (73266) is an indispensable tool for precision reloaders. Its versatility, durability, and precision make it a top choice for those seeking to enhance their reloading process and achieve consistent, high-quality results in bullet seating and performance.

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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
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