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Redding .335" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73335

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Redding .335" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - Precision Reloading

Redding .335" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing

Precision Reloading for Enhanced Accuracy

Redding .335" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushings are meticulously crafted to elevate your reloading process. Made from heat-treated steel, these bushings offer exceptional durability and performance. With a surface hardness of Rc 60-62, they reduce sizing effort and contribute to achieving precise bullet seating.

These bushings are available in a range of sizes from .185_ to .368_ in .001_ increments, allowing you to fine-tune your reloading setup for optimal results.

Choosing the Right Bushing Size

Ensuring the proper diameter bushing is essential for achieving consistent and accurate reloads. Redding provides two reliable methods for determining the correct size:

  1. Measurement of Loaded Cartridges: Measure the neck diameter of several loaded or dummy cartridges using an accurate micrometer. Subtract 0.001_ from the cartridge with the smallest average measurement to create a proper press fit for the bullet.
  2. Measurement of Neck Wall Thickness: Measure the neck wall thickness of cartridge cases with a ball-type or tubing micrometer. Double this measurement and add the bullet diameter to calculate the neck diameter of a loaded cartridge. Subtract 0.001_ from this figure to determine the appropriate bushing size.

While the second method may be less preferable due to the cost and complexity of ball micrometers, it remains a viable option for those seeking precision. For new cases, the neck diameter is often suitable for bullet seating without sizing. In cases where neck wall thickness varies more than 0.002_, selecting a bushing slightly smaller than calculated and using a size button in the die for the final inside neck diameter may be necessary.

Elevate your reloading game with Redding .335" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushings. Achieve consistent bullet seating and improved accuracy in your ammunition. Explore the full range of sizes to find the perfect fit for your reloading needs.

Contact us for more information and expert assistance in selecting the right bushing size for your reloading setup.

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