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VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder, N530, 1.0 lb T11953

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VihtaVuori N530 Premium Smokeless Powder Overview

VihtaVuori N530: The Premier Choice for Reloading Hunters

The VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder N530 stands as the pinnacle of high-energy rifle powders, renowned for its rapid burning properties and versatility across a wide range of ammunition reloading applications. With a 1.0 lb offering under product code T11953, this powder is tailored for hunters seeking flat trajectories and reasonable velocities, particularly in pursuits like fox hunting.

Optimal Applications

Originally developed for military use in 5.56 mm x 45 calibers (.223 Rem.), the N530 has found its place in the civilian reloading market, excelling in both small bottle-necked and large straight-walled cases. ItÕs the go-to powder for cartridges such as the .223 Rem, .308 Win., 9.3 x 62, .45-70 Government, and .458 Win. Mag., showcasing its adaptability across a spectrum of hunting scenarios.

Reloading Tip from the Pros

For enthusiasts targeting Black Grouse or similar game, the N530 pairs exceptionally with a 55 gr / 3.6 g FMJ Lapua bullet in a .223 Rem cartridge. This combination promises precision and effectiveness, making it a favorite among seasoned reloaders and hunting professionals alike.

Whether you're a hunter in need of a flat shooting trajectory for small game or a reloader looking to optimize performance in a variety of cartridges, the VihtaVuori N530 offers the high-energy, fast-burning solution you've been searching for. Its wide range of applications and proven effectiveness in both military and civilian contexts make it a premium choice for any reloading bench.

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