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VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder, N550, 1.0 lb, T11955

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Vihtavuori N550 Premium Smokeless Powder - Versatile and Powerful

Vihtavuori N550: The Ultimate Powder for Precision Reloaders

Introducing the Vihtavuori N550, the premium smokeless powder designed for precision and versatility. Originally developed for the .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester, the N550 has become the go-to powder for a wide range of calibers, especially 30 caliber magnums with lighter bullets.

Why Choose Vihtavuori N550?

  • Superior Performance: Ideal for .30-06 Springfield with heavier bullets, providing excellent performance across various loads and calibers like 6,5_55 SE and .308 Winchester.
  • Optimized Grain Dimensions: Features symmetrical 1.0 mm length and 1.0 mm diameter grains for consistent and efficient burning.
  • Enhanced Energy Content: Enhanced with nitroglycerine, offering better energy content without increased rifle wear, for higher velocities at equal pressure.
  • Medium Burning Rate: Similar burning rate to N150, positioning it in the medium scale of Vihtavuori's high energy powders.

Handloading Tips from the Pros

For those looking to fine-tune their precision reloading, try the N550 with Lapua's 6.5mm 7.8g / 120gr OTM Scenar-L bullet in your 6,5_47 Lapua. Experience enhanced performance and superior accuracy with this professional recommendation.

Expand Your Reloading Potential

Whether you're hunting, target shooting, or competing, the Vihtavuori N550 smokeless powder provides the reliability and performance you need. Embrace the versatility and power of N550 for your reloading needs and push your precision shooting to new heights.

Visit our website to explore more about Vihtavuori N550 and other premium reloading products designed to enhance your shooting experience. Discover the difference quality powder makes in every shot.

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