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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets - .22 Cal 55 gr BlitzKing (500 count) - 1455C

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Sierra Bullets - .22 Cal 55 gr BlitzKing (500 count) - 1455C

Sierra Bullets - .22 Cal 55 gr BlitzKing (500 count) - 1455C

Introducing the .22 Cal 55 gr BlitzKing Sierra Bullets (500 count) - 1455C, a game-changer in the world of varmint and small game hunting. Crafted for rifles, these bullets are engineered for explosive expansion and the renowned accuracy characteristic of MatchKing bullets.

Innovative Bullet Design

The bullets' nose tips are constructed from a proprietary acetyl resin compound. This unique material, along with the sharp tips, enhances the ballistic coefficient beyond traditional flat-base Spitzer bullet designs. The 55 grain #1455 also features a boat tail to further elevate ballistic coefficient, particularly in these bullet weights.

All BlitzKing bullets in 22 caliber are optimized for firing at muzzle velocities up to 4400 fps, ensuring top performance and reliability.

Handgun Compatibility

For handgun enthusiasts, the BlitzKing bullets excel in varmint and small game hunting across the full range of centerfire cartridges in 22 caliber. They boast outstanding accuracy, a flat trajectory, and superb expansion in small animals, even when used with smaller-capacity cartridges.

The 55 grain #1455 bullet is particularly recommended for moderate-capacity cartridges, such as the 222 Remington and the 223 Remington in handguns, offering an optimal balance of velocity and performance.

Legacy and Introduction

Since their introduction in 1999, the #1455 BlitzKing bullets have established a legacy of precision and effectiveness in both rifles and handguns. They continue to be a preferred choice for hunters and marksmen who demand the best in ballistic performance and reliability.

In summary, Sierra Bullets - .22 Cal 55 gr BlitzKing (500 count) - 1455C represent the pinnacle of bullet design and engineering, offering unmatched accuracy and effectiveness for both rifle and handgun users engaged in varmint and small game hunting.

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    55 grain Blitz King

    Posted by Rod Christensen on Jan 15th 2024

    Best grouping bullet

  • 5
    Sierra 55 grain Blitzking

    Posted by Herb on Dec 22nd 2023

    Very accurate bullets for Remington 700 with 5R rifling. Bullet Central had them at a fair price and very fast shipping

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