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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets - 6mm 55 gr BlitzKing (100 count) - 1502

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Sierra Bullets - 6mm 55 gr BlitzKing - Precision Varmint and Small Game Bullets

Sierra Bullets - 6mm 55 gr BlitzKing - Precision Varmint and Small Game Bullets

When it comes to varmint and small game hunting, Sierra Bullets' 6mm 55 gr BlitzKing bullets are the ultimate choice for both rifles and handguns. These bullets combine explosive expansion with the pinpoint accuracy characteristic of the renowned MatchKing bullets, ensuring that your shots are both devastating and precise.

Key Features of Sierra 6mm 55 gr BlitzKing Bullets

Sierra's BlitzKing bullets are packed with features that set them apart from the competition:

  • Explosive Expansion: Designed for rifles, these bullets are engineered to deliver explosive expansion in varmints and small game, making them highly effective for hunting.
  • Match-Grade Accuracy: Sierra's commitment to precision is evident in these bullets, which offer accuracy on par with the esteemed MatchKing bullets.
  • Advanced Nose Tips: The nose tips of these bullets are crafted from a proprietary acetyl resin compound. This unique material not only enhances ballistic coefficient but also differentiates them from traditional flatbase spitzer bullet designs.
  • Flatbase Design: The 55 grain #1502 variant features a flatbase design for stability and consistent performance.
  • Thin Jackets: These bullets feature thin jackets that contribute to enhanced accuracy and explosive expansion while remaining capable of withstanding high velocities.
  • High-Velocity Performance: Sierra's BlitzKing bullets are designed to be fired at muzzle velocities of up to 4000 fps, ensuring exceptional performance even at extreme speeds.

For those who prefer handguns, these BlitzKing bullets shine in chamberings such as 6mm TCU, 6mm PPC, and 6mm Benchrest Remington. Their superb accuracy and devastating expansion make them ideal for varmint and small game hunting with single-shot pistols.

The Legacy of the #1502 BlitzKing

The #1502 BlitzKing was introduced by Sierra Bullets in 1999, marking a significant milestone in the world of varmint and small game hunting ammunition. Since its inception, it has been a trusted choice for hunters seeking the perfect balance between explosive expansion and match-grade accuracy.

Choose Sierra's 6mm 55 gr BlitzKing bullets for your next varmint or small game hunting adventure and experience the exceptional performance that has made them a favorite among hunters worldwide.

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