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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets - 6mm 70 gr BlitzKing (100 count) - 1507

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  • Close-up image of a Sierra 6mm 70 grain BlitzKing bullet, product number 1507. This bullet features a sleek copper body with a distinct green polymer tip, shown against a white background with the BlitzKing logo prominently displayed.
  • Box of Sierra Bullets, 6mm 70 grain BlitzKing, product number 1507. The packaging is green with a label that includes images of a ram and a bear, specified for '6.5 MM, 90 GR. BlitzKing'. The box design highlights precision shooting capabilities and is tailored for hunters and target shooters.
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Sierra 6mm 70 gr BlitzKing Bullets 1507 - High-Performance Varmint & Small Game Ammunition (100 Count)

Sierra 6mm 70 gr BlitzKing Bullets 1507 - Precision and Power for Varmint and Small Game (100 Count)

Unleash unmatched accuracy and explosive performance with Sierra's 6mm 70 gr BlitzKing Bullets, product number 1507. Available in a 100 count pack, these bullets are engineered for hunters and shooters who demand precision and power in their varmint and small game hunting expeditions.

Explosive Expansion and Match-Grade Accuracy

Designed for rifles, the 6mm 70 gr BlitzKing bullets are tailored for explosive expansion in varmints and small game, while maintaining the accuracy characteristic of Sierra's MatchKing bullets. These bullets feature a proprietary acetyl resin compound in their nose tips, which enhances the ballistic coefficient over traditional flatbase spitzer designs.

Advanced Design for Enhanced Ballistics

The BlitzKing bullets incorporate a boat tail design to further increase their ballistic coefficient. The thin jackets of these bullets not only enhance accuracy but also ensure explosive expansion, even at high velocities. Capable of withstanding muzzle velocities up to 4000 fps, these bullets are designed to deliver maximum performance.

Superb Accuracy for Handgun Applications

For handguns chambered in 6mm TCU, 6mm PPC, and 6mm Benchrest Remington, the BlitzKing bullets offer superb accuracy and devastating expansion. These qualities make them highly effective for varmint and small game hunting in single-shot pistols, with velocities achievable in these specific handgun cartridges.

Legacy and Reliability

Introduced in 1999, the #1507 has established a legacy for reliability and effectiveness in the hunting and shooting community. Hunters and precision shooters rely on the Sierra 6mm 70 gr BlitzKing for its consistent performance and superior results.

Choose Sierra's 6mm 70 gr BlitzKing Bullets (1507) for your next hunting or target shooting adventure. These bullets are not just ammunition; they are a testament to Sierra's commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that every shot counts.

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